03 December 2014

Face the Music by Kerri Malloy

 When Lana is approached to brush-up on her nursing skills to help rock star legend, Trevor Collins, with a four year old he has guardianship of and who may suffer the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, she reluctantly agrees. The decision to return to the field which she’d abandoned after her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident is a very difficult one, but wanting to give back to Trevor's aunt who helped her learn to live again after the tragedy, made saying no impossible.
Trevor works hard to keep his personal life private, so when Lana arrives to help with the child who has mysteriously come into his life, he has a lot of reservations. In time, he learns to trust Lana, and together, they embark on a journey where they uncover startling truths about Lily’s parents, while struggling to overcome their own personal tragedies and to open themselves to love.
Such a sweet book! I loved all of the characters but especially little Lily.  She is such a vibrant and precocious child, even though she had endured so much during her short life.

This whole book is about healing in all forms no matter whether they are physically, mentally or emotionally.  The main characters in this book, Lana and Trevor captured my heart immediately.  It was so amazingly inspirational to watch Lana go from an almost completely broken woman to a woman who was ready and able to take control and command of her life again. 

This book is not an easy read in that the themes are not sweet and bubbly.  There are discussions of drug abuse, plane crashes, car accidents and other tragedies.  But the journey of healing these characters go through is worth the angst and emotional roller coaster it takes to reach the ending.

I loved these characters so much I would love to read a sequel so I can follow up on Lana and Trevor and see where life has taken them.


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