29 December 2014

Laura's Secret by Lucy Kelly

In book one of the Changelings: Laura Donahue believes she's as human as everyone around her. When she discovers shifters aren't just myths and fables but really exist in the world, she sets out to meet them.

Laura discovers their enemy, the Shayatin, evil humans who steal magic from shifters have targeted large shifter communities. The last thing she expects when she brings them valuable intelligence, was running into shifter law. A law that states, if a human finds out about shifters, they are either killed or must find a shifter mate—fast.
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The method her new friends use to find her a mate has her blushing. Will one be found in time or will her new friends have to follow the laws and end her life?
More please!!! I am starting to see a trend in Ms. Kelly’s books.  Her female characters are strong, determined, and intelligent women who when faced with adversity will persevere.  I was absolutely blown away by Ms. Kelly’s ability to compound Laura’s amazing mental and emotional prowess in such a physically handicapped body.

Another thing I love about Ms. Kelly’s stories is her ability to combine multiple supernatural threads into a cohesive and titillating tale.  This has to be the first book in a series so I understand why the book had to end where it did, but the resolution just seemed a little rushed to me.  Not enough to effect anything, I just wanted more! There were so many side plots hinted at in this first book that I am very anxious to read the next book in the series to see where she takes the story next. 


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