14 December 2014

Lone Wolf by Aleksandr Voinov & L.A. Witt

Hunter Easton is screwed. Fans, producers, and his agent are all chomping at the bit for the next book in his wildly popular Wolf’s Landing series, but he’s got epic writer’s block and is way behind deadline. Then he reads The World Tree, a fanfic novel by his online friend “Lone Wolf.” It isn’t just a great story—it’s exactly what the series needs.

Kevin Hussain is thrilled when “Wolf Hunter” wants to meet up after reading The World Tree. When Wolf Hunter turns out to be Hunter Easton himself, Kevin is starstruck. When Hunter tells him he wants to add The World Tree to Wolf’s Landing, Kevin is sure he’s being pranked. And when their online chemistry carries over—big time—into real life, Kevin is convinced it’s all too good to be true.

The problem is . . . it might be. The book deal, the sex, the money—everything is amazing. But fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Kevin is left wondering if Hunter really loves him, or just loves his book.
I have been looking forward to reading Hunter Easton’s story since first encountering his character in Starstruck. Mr. Voinov and Ms. Witt did not disappoint in the telling of his story and the introduction of Kevin Hussain to the Wolf’s Landing franchise. Lone Wolf is an excellent installment in the Bluewater Bay series and proved to be just as enjoyable as previous contributions to the series, and quite possibly even more humorous.

Hunter Easton is the author of the book series on which Wolf’s Landing is based. Unfortunately, he’s suffering a bit of writer’s block and hasn’t been able to complete the latest book in the series. This is a problem because it’s overdue. Long overdue. And an anonymous online friendship has delivered him a piece of fan fiction that contains a plot twist that solves all of his creative problems. Even though Hunter’s contract specifically prohibits him from reading fan fiction, he sees this as a prime opportunity to meet its author – someone he has developed an online relationship with over the past two years. While Kevin is freaking out when he learns that his online friend is his idol, Hunter Easton, Hunter is just as excited when he meets Kevin because Kevin is more than he hoped for – he’s intelligent, witty and sexy. Once Hunter approaches his agent about having Kevin’s book adopted by the publisher as the eighth book in the series, she does her wheeling and dealing and gets the publisher to agree to it as a co-authored book. The two men find themselves swept up into a collaborative writing relationship while an intimate one also emerges – a very hot intimate relationship. As the news of the collaboration is revealed, Kevin finds himself overwhelmed by his overnight success and has to decide whether it’s worth it and if he can commit to a relationship with Hunter knowing that he’ll still be exposed to all the trappings of success whether they continue to collaborating or not.

I loved the chemistry between Hunter and Kevin. They had so much in common and communicated on the same wavelength that I completely forgot about the age difference. While they had a similar sense of humor that resulted in laughs for both them and me, they never felt like the same character. They each had distinctively different voices. Despite them both being authors, it was their failure to communicate effectively with one another that was the biggest obstacle they had to overcome. That coupled with Kevin’s being overwhelmed by his own success had me seriously worried that there wasn’t going to be a happy ending. Fortunately Lone Wolf delivered the happy ending that the guys deserved. I’m looking forward to the next installment in the Bluewater Bay series, The Burnt Toast B&B.
Wow. These two authors make an amazing writing team.  I am always wary of books written in the same world by multiple authors because it seems that the lack of parallels between the books sometimes causes a bit of disconnect for me.  That however was not the case with this book.  While the book did not fit with the other book I had read in this series, it was amazing on its own.

I loved Hunter and Kevin from the beginning they are both merely going through the motions of life.  They have to learn to trust each other and to let someone else into their private sanctuaries.  This is a very long book compared to some in the m/m genre but I was still thirsting for more details at the end.  I wanted to know how the public reacted to Hunter and Kevin as a couple at the next appearance.

I could read another 300 pages of these characters and not get bored. I hope we get another Bluewater Bay book from these authors.


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