07 December 2014

Three Times Lucky Spotlight!

 Three is never a crowd in this alluring boxed set of ménage stories from five of today's hottest authors. From Sci-fi adventures, to Greek Gods, to erotic vampires, to contemporary tales, these sexy shorts prove sometimes it takes three to get lucky in love.
This is a set of five short erotic stories that cover multiple genres.  Because of the multiple stories and the fear of making this review to long, I have taken each one and given you a few sentences of my overall feelings about the book and the characters names.  I was hoping that would give you enough information to know what the trio was made up of and a little bit about the characters as you consider buying this set.  I highly recommend it if you love quick erotic reads that will leave you sizzling and begging for mercy.  
Made For Two by Kim Carmichael
Earthlings Markov Gauss, Pilot for the North American Space Coalition on Earth and Pell Perrin, Mission Specialist who was serving with Markov, were taken four months ago by Trevini from Mersenne.  The sex was hot and the dynamics of getting her Earthlings to admit their attraction and treat her as she wants to be treated was entertaining. There is a plot to this story that was interesting to watch unfold but I have to say I was not feeling the whole sci-fi theme surrounding it. 

Darkest Dreams by Solera Winters
Nyx left Kiernan and fled their bed in hopes that the change of environment would prevent her from the continuing death she felt inside of her.  When Reve entered the story things started really heating up as Nyx and Kiernan had begun to find their way back together. I really did enjoy this story, even though the characters were Gods and the whole realm thing isn’t my taste, the plot was more humanistic and kept me highly interested yet a little disturbed but I am sure you will figure out the questionable part when you read it and form your own opinion. 

A Perfect Fit by Sascha Illyvich
Ivanka was a beautiful woman inside and out.  Raised by parents whose lives were ruled by greed, Ivanka was more into saving lions and changing the world to make it a better place.  She had two lovers Lila who taught yoga to senior citizens and Jesse who was an accountant.  I was invested in watching Ivanka and her parents and her ability to let go and allow Jesse and Lila to love her.  There is a real life element to this book regarding her parents not accepting her choice of lovers. The sex was HOT, the passion between the three was strong.

Playtime by Dorothy F Shaw
RayAnne and Kyra dance at a high end gentlemen’s club in Hollywood as a team for many years. They are vampires and they structure their routines around the vampire theme.  After turning down his request many times, the girls decide that they are ready to take Dana Richards, the glacier staring businessman home for the night.  Oh man did things get hot and dramatic after that.  I have to admit I am not a fan of vampire stories but Dorothy had a way of creating this short story that left me feeling like that wasn’t even an issue.  I have to say this one was by far the quickest read for me because I couldn’t put it down.  LOVED IT.

Ménage by Monday by Louisa Bacio
Shannon called in her friend and former crush Zack to go with her to help their mutual friend Tommy.  This short  story covers a weekend time span where if anything was going to happen it needed to get started early.  The author gives you more background that was is usually found in a short story so I will let you read that for yourself.  The tension between the characters really drove this story and helped create the VERY hot sex scenes. My only regret for this story was that I wished she would have saved it for a full length novel because I see so many paths these three could have taken with their history, and to be honest I wanted more.  I would have to say this was right up there with Dorothy story as far as being a favorite of mine.   


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