19 January 2015

The Wish Augur by Cecil Wilde

 Gabriel Juarez has only one wish for Christmas, uttered moments before midnight on Christmas Eve: a hug. He wakes up the next morning to find his wish being haphazardly granted in the form of an insecure elf called Felix, who works as a wish augur and couldn't bring himself to let Gabe's wish go unfulfilled.
What a cute and sweet short story.  Ms. Wilde was able to put a good amount of characterization into this short story but due to its length it lacked some of the depth of plot that other stories have.  While I loved Gabriel and Felix I just wanted to delve deeper into their feelings for each other.  I think the reader could have benefited from at least one chapter that was written from Felix’s point of view, just so we could feel more connected to both characters.  I really felt Gabriel’s helplessness and despair but I understood Felix’s inadequacy I didn’t feel it.   

Overall this was a good book and I hope the author writes a second book in this series that showcases their life at the North Pole and maybe shows Gabriel helping Felix feel more confident in himself.


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