15 January 2015

Throwback: The Switch

Shelby Brignac has gotten herself into some trouble. From her awful taste in men to her poor choices, she just can’t catch a break. After stupidly helping her boyfriend with his loan sharking business, Shelby has decided she wants out. It’s just too dangerous for a waitress, in her opinion. But just when she thinks she’s free of the headache, she’s offered up one last job– one last job she can’t refuse: retrieve a precious antique gem and she’ll get her best friend back alive.
Hiding out in New Orleans’ French Quarter with the rare purple diamond in tow, Shelby thinks she has no way out of the seemingly hopeless situation– that is until Chase Guilliot, an off-duty cop intervenes, saving her life. Too bad for Chase that the gunman who’s hot on his tail doesn’t care if one of his targets carries a badge– he just wants Shelby’s head and that diamond back. And he’s not above killing a cop to get it.
On the run with a hot rare diamond and a beautiful hot-headed woman, Chase’s oath to serve and protect is pushed to the limits. Unsure if he can trust the one person he wants to more than anything, Chase swears he’ll get both he and Shelby out of this mess alive, but then he’s done with her for good– or is he?
THE SWITCH is a thrilling contemporary romance that likes to live on both sides of the law.
Let’s get the little details out of the way. First, this is a standalone book so you don’t need to real Marital Bitch to understand the plot in The Switch.  Next item up for discussion is this book is less than 200 pages and with the writing style it reads very quickly and the plot keeps you engaged, but I struggled engaging with the characters.  While I had the same issue with book one, the humor in that one carried the story and enjoyment for me, leading me to give it a 4 star rating.  This one is absent the humor and more on the drama and action being on the run from the mob.  Had I been able to “feel” the characters, I would have been more emotionally involved in the story.
Shelby was very difficult for me to invest in.  The author did a great job at explaining to the reader why Shelby was like this, she came from an attitude of grab what you can when you can grab it and make choice in the moment, not long term.  She doesn’t always treat her friends and family and other people around her with the greatest respect and compassion BUT it was clear she did care for her best friend enough to risk her life for her and the longing she had to spend time with her mother was clear in the beginning of the book.  Yet with those tender feelings, she still was willing to allow them to be put in dangerous positions to complete a job without question for her ex-boyfriend.  She had done runs for him before but she had broken up with him and yet he still can find ways to suck her back into the business.
Chase was a newcomer to the New Orleans police department.  With a passion that was burning in his soul to protect and serve he did what came to mind the first minute he saw Shelby and a gun man coming after her.  He took her and ran, finding a safe place to hide before the thousands of questions came flying out of his mouth.  The more he learned about her, the more agitated yet protective he became.  For me, this is when the story really began to gain intensity and interest.  She wasn’t forth coming with him regarding her answers and even made more stupid choices, but finally he was able to get the truth out of her.  By this point I was screaming at him to put the cuffs on her and take her to lock up. 
Since the story really took off in intensity from that point, I will refrain from going any more into a description so I don’t spoil the book for you.  Danger, action and suspense feed this story and if you are looking for that alone, I say you will really enjoy this book.  If you are more like me, where you need to be able to relate to the characters and have feelings for them, you might not be as happy with this story.  The plot and idea was awesome, well written and kept me reading till the end to find out what happens. What I hated though, it was missing that one link of connection that I need in books.  I want to feel as if I am part of the story, not watching from the sidelines.  I wanted to care what happens to the characters but instead I was more focused on the details of the plot and how the author had some cleaver ideas regarding where the story was going to go next. 
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As a child, JC was fascinated by things that went bump in the night. As they say, some things never change. Now, as an adult, she divides her time between the sexy law men, mythical creatures, bad-ass bikers, and kick-ass heroines that live inside her head and her Netflix addiction. JC is a San Francisco Bay Area native, but has also called both Texas and Louisiana home. These days she rocks her flip flops year-round in Northern California and can't imagine a climate more beautiful. Her dream is to own her own Harley and she feels compelled to tell you that she is Team Peeta all the way.

JC is the author of the Men with Badges series and the Bayonet Scars series.


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