04 January 2015

Truth in Lace by Tempeste O'Riley

 When Alexander James Noble looks in the mirror, he sees a freak looking back at him. Despite his high grades and plans for culinary arts school after graduation, his parents would hate him if they really knew him.

Forced on a shopping trip with his twin sister, Lyric, and her friends, Alex eyes the girls jealously, longing to be able to dress like them—to be them. The constant struggle of being “gender fluid,” wrestling with an identity that seems to change daily, begins to wear on Alex. But all those questions and fears seem more manageable when his sister gives him his first skirt and lace panties.
Truth in Lace was a really quick read that was quite enjoyable. Despite its short length, Ms. O’Riley managed to put a lot of emotion into it to make it a really moving short story. In Truth in Lace we meet Alex who is hiding his sexuality from everyone around him, especially his father who keeps involving him in activities intended to “man him up.” In fact, he’s become so adept at hiding who he is that he refuses to acknowledge one of his desires to even himself – he wants to be able to wear girls’ clothing from time to time. An afternoon trip to the mall with his sister and her friends makes him more aware of his desire but he knows he can’t entertain the notion until he graduates and goes away to college. What made this story so impactful is that Alex’s sister Lyric is his twin and she picks up on her brother’s secret. In doing so, she takes steps to provide him with the opportunity and a safe way to engage in his interest. Additionally she shows him that her love and acceptance is unconditional. Truth in Lace is a beautiful short story that left me wanting more of Alex’s story. 


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