27 February 2015

Courted By Understanding Release Day!

 Dora Lexington is cute, round, and utterly practical. She has watched her best friends find their husbands, knowing full-well it will never happen to her. Or so she thinks until meeting Xander’s cousin Gaelic Covington. At first she doesn’t see how such a handsome, successful man can be attracted to her. But attracted he is. In fact, he has been head over heels in love with her for years.

As they come to know one another, they discover each other’s secrets and she finds out that in the heart of the strong man is a boy who is just as worried at being rejected as she is. Falling in love with him is simple; even simpler to submit to his lead. However, when Dora discovers something about herself that she finds shocking, she tries to run. Now it’s up to Gaelic to convince her that nothing will make him leave, not even that.
I’ve had a soft spot for Dora since we were first introduced to her, and when I realized this story was about her, I just couldn’t wait to dive into it!

I loved how Ms. Cariad gave Dora such strength, and the best part was that Dora didn’t even realize that she was that strong.  She supported herself, yet she was there for her friends.  And even when things got tough, she found she could rely on her friends. To me, that is the moment of true strength, when you know you need help with something, or even if you just need to talk, and you ask for it.

I thought that Gaelic was really cute, and I enjoyed his character.  Did I think that he was perfect for Dora? Yes and no.  He was able to help grant her childhood dreams, but that was it to me personally. 

Now, the one thing that I do have to say about their courtship, I didn’t really approve or understand it.  While yes, they were able to connect with each other in one way, there’s still so much other things that he could have been lying about.  There was no way to really know if what he was saying was the truth or not.

Another thing that I didn’t really like, was the ending.  What all Dora had to do and give up.  While I understand parts of the reason why, I just wish it would have been more of joint decision instead of just that one way.   (I’m really trying to NOT give away the ending!)

Overall though, I did enjoy this book and I really can’t wait to read further into the series!
About the series "In Hyacinth" by Bree Cariad:

Hyacinth, Washington is all about old-fashioned values. In Hyacinth words like trust, honor, and kindness aren't just buzzwords. Hyacinth is a community built on tradition and trust, where men are the head of the home and women are encouraged to follow their lead.

Each story in the series is of a young woman (18-20) and her struggle to figure out who she is in this little town while at the same time going through Hyacinth's old-fashioned courting system. On their way to meet, get to know, and finally marry their princes, these heroines grow in ways they and their town never expected.
Just before her shift was up, a person walked into the inn making her groan. Of all people to come in today, why did it have to be Marjorie? She didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was here to see Dora. She made a beeline for her the second she entered. “A Covington?” she asked haughtily. “However did you pull that off?”
 “What’s your problem, Marjorie?” she asked with a sigh. “I’m at work if you didn’t notice.”
“Yes, work,” she said with a snide smile. “Does he know about your work?” Dora opened her mouth to reply when the door opened and the man in question walked in, smiling at her as he paused to wait. She figured he thought Marjorie was a guest. Until he heard her next words. “He must be using you. You aren’t the kind of girl a Covington marries, Dora. You’re noth—”
His blue eyes deepened to an almost black and his expression hardened as he took three long strides forward and stepped between them. Marjorie looked up to see who it was and the blood drained out of her face. “Excuse me,” he said coldly, “but you have no say at all in whom I choose to love and marry. What is your name?”
“I-I…” Her skin turned a little green as she took a step backward. Dora remembered the last time she had seen her like this, at the Memorial Day Picnic almost two years previous when Xan had come down on her. Marjorie Farthing didn’t learn very well.
“Is there a problem?” Chris asked, stepping out of the kitchen and looking from Dora to Gaelic to Marjorie. As his eyes centered on her, they turned cold and he stepped forward next to Gale. “Were you giving our Dora insults again?” His voice was as cold as ice and Dora half expected the woman to pee her pants.
“Again?” Gaelic asked, turning slightly toward Chris.
“Yes, Mrs. Farthing has picked on your woman her entire life.”
A low rumbling sound filled the air and Dora looked around trying to figure out what it was. When she realized it came from Gaelic, she just stared at him. He growled. Her man just growled at Marjorie Farthing.
“Where is your husband?” he asked her in a clipped tone.
“A-at work,” she said, stumbling over her words.
“I see. I will be in touch with him about this problem you seem to have with Dora Lexington and it will not be pretty. If I so much as hear you have breathed even the slightest cruelty toward or about her, you will not like the result, Mrs. Farthing. Part of a man’s role is to protect the woman he loves and I will protect Dora with my life. Do we understand one another?”
Marjorie nodded, her eyes wide.
“Then leave now.”
Gulping, she turned and ran. It was a good thing Tatum was coming in or she might have run into the door in her hurry to escape.
Chris clasped him on the shoulder, winked at Dora and left, walking back to the kitchen. Turning slowly, Gaelic’s eyes lost their glare and softened. “Are you all right?” he asked gently, pulling her into a hug.
All right? How can a person explain how amazingly wonderful it was to have the man they cared about not only announce to everyone that he loved her, but defend her as well. “I love you,” she murmured against his chest.
His chest rumbled with a laugh making her smile. “That’s nice to hear, Dora. Very nice to hear. Because I love you, too. I have for quite a while.”
Bree enjoys good books with great characters. While she may be an adult, her favorite memories are from her teenage years reading inspirational romance with girls just like her and strong heroes. That's one of the reasons she's written In Hyacinth, a series of Courting Romances.

Courting Romance - where contemporary romance meets traditional values.


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