01 February 2015

Golden Perspective (Zehave Gold #2) by Lynn B. Davidson

Evie and Tyler were captured as slaves and forced into intimacy by the captors. As time went by, they found solace and love together, but when they miraculously escape, Tyler must finally tell Evie the truth. He is a prince on his planet, and marriage with an Earth woman is unacceptable. He loves her, but he has to put the needs of his people first. Heartbroken, she understands.

Evie begins a new life on this alien planet, where she meets the gorgeous and loyal Dylan. Dylan’s single-minded pursuit and devotion convinces her that they can overcome their cultural differences, and love once again is possible. Tyler sees Evie falling in love again, and realizes nothing is more important than loving Evie.

Now he must win not one, but two hearts. Can Evie overcome her fears and learn to love these two men, and embrace the vibrant and sexual culture that would have all three of them loving one another?  

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.
I do so love the golden Zehavian men! Unlike the Golden Change, this book centers around the formation of a ménage relationship between a human female – Evie – and two golden men – Tyler and Dylan. If you read book one, you will remember Dylan as he was Jacob’s close friend and his jealousy over Jacob’s relationship with his host family nearly cost Kylie her life. You also received a very brief introduction to Evie and Tyler at the end of the book when the hijacked slave ship they were in landed on Zehave. But don’t let the lack of a silver Zehavian male in the mix worry you, there’s still loads of hot sex in this installment of the Zehave Gold series.

In Golden Perspective, Dylan has moved out his host family’s home and has begun making a life for himself. When he meets Evie, who is working as a private nurse to help Kylie finish out her pregnancy safely, he is quite taken with her. Despite spending months with Tyler while in captivity, Evie is not used to the open sexuality of the Zehavian people. So Dylan must tread cautiously as he tries to strike a balance between letting her know that he is interested without scaring her off. Kylie does her best to help them both out and eventually they manage to get on the same page, of sorts. As Evie begins to move on from Tyler’s desertion and make a life for herself on Zehave with Dylan, Tyler realizes that he’s not willing to give her up after all.

One of the things I really liked about Golden Perspective – aside from the supremely hot ménage sex – was Ms. Davidson’s use of old Zehave traditions to move the relationship and storyline forward. The introduction of the Rulm allowed for the threesome to spend a week of uninterrupted time together to find out if they were all compatible with one another. Because the purpose of the Rulm is to find out if the parties can live together and if they are sexually compatible, we are treated to a wonderfully erotic collection of MF, MM, MMF, and MFM sex scenes – needless to say, sexual compatibility was NOT an issue. It also provided an opportunity for Evie to help a young silver man through his golden change – something that I was quite surprised to see Tyler encourage. I further liked that Tyler’s mother recommended the use of a traditional wedding ceremony to improve Evie’s acceptance by other Zehavians, which had the added benefit of preventing Dylan’s mother from hijacking the wedding planning (that woman was a piece of work). As with the Golden Change, I loved watching Evie, Dylan, and Tyler grow as individuals, as couples, and as a family unit. Golden Perspective is a wonderful addition to the Zehave Gold series and I am looking forward to the next one already. 


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