18 February 2015

Here For You by T.K. Paige

When James falls for the new guy at the station is he just setting himself up to be burned?

Welcome to Deacon, Oklahoma. Straight population—seven hundred and ninety-six. Gay population—James Hara. Except it really isn’t that bad because when he came out to his hometown, something wonderful happened. They still loved him…most did anyway. The only problem is the lack of a dating pool.

Then he meets the new firefighting volunteer and he has a bigger problem. Mason is gorgeous, friendly and straight. Soon James is doing his best not to fall for his new friend. Hard to do when Mason is everything he dreams of with his humour and flashes of vulnerability.

But after a set of stressful events, he finds that maybe it is not impossible after all. If he can be patient with a man wounded by his past.

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to past sexual assault.
This the first book by Ms. Paige that I have read, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
Now, with that being said I will explain why it is that I rated this book 3 stars later on after I say why I enjoyed the book. 
I loved James and Mason’s characters. I thought they were just great, and that Ms. Paige did a great job with James’ character, as well as with Mason and keeping his past a secret until it was time to reveal his past.  It does take skill to leave the little hints throughout, without giving away the big picture.  And she did great at that.
I thought the storyline was a really great idea.  I enjoyed how different it was compared to a lot of the books that are out there right now.  That is what definitely kept my attention and made me want to read more into the book.
Now, onto what I didn’t enjoy about the book.  I felt like it was rushed at certain parts, and very slow at others.  For instance, when Mason revealed his past (and that’s all that I’m saying so I don’t give away anything), I felt like that part was really rushed and brushed over.  When there could have been a lot more told about what had happened and the after effects of it as well. 
There were also some timeline jumps, to me personally, where I would be reading and then suddenly you find out that it was months in the future, but there weren’t any hints or clues that that much time had passed.
Besides those things, I did still enjoy the book and I do plan on reading more from Ms. Paige in the future.


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