24 February 2015

White Nights (Arctic Love #4) by T.T. Kove

Radimir has loved Aleksandr for more than a decade. Long convinced that Aleksandr will never love him in return, however, he has spent the years drifting from bed to bed, unable to settle when what he really wants is out of reach. And has been all the more out of reach since an impulsive, ultimately disastrous night together while out hiking. And will definitely be forever gone when Aleksandr returns to St. Petersburg.

Aleksandr wishes he could forget the night he gave in to a long-held desire for his friend, but more than anything he wishes that one night had led to so much more. But Radimir is a player, and Aleksandr doesn't want to be simply another conquest.

Then family turmoil strikes Aleksandr hard, and he realizes the stability he's always wanted was there all along…
White Nights is book 4 in the Arctic Love series. I found the first 3 simplistic, but I have to admit, this fourth book did captivate me. I could feel Aleksander’s pain, his love for Radimir, and his terror that it wouldn’t work out. After all, if you’re going to get hurt, might as well push away the one who can hurt you the worst, right?

The love between Lesya and Radimir was captivating and I couldn’t stop once I started reading it. There was only one problem I had through the entire book. Two Russian men and they kept calling each other “mate”. Now, it’s the kind of expression I would expect from an Aussie, and to a lesser extent, someone from England, but from a Russian? It just didn’t work for me. I wish, instead, the author had used a Russian word just like she did in other instances.

That said, I still say this was a solid 4-star book. 


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