09 March 2015

#Beyond: Thianna D

Thianna D writes romance with a side of spice. Her romances are about the characters and their relationships. And relationships do come with a little frisky most of the time.
Who in your personal life was the biggest supporter of your writing?

Not really anyone. People in my daily life think writing is something you do for fun, not something you make a living at. My biggest supporters have been the people who have read my works online, my fans, who write and ask me when I’m going to write another one.

Do you prefer quiet or background noise when writing? If background noise, what?

Usually, I write to silence. I prefer it. IF there is noise going on elsewhere in the house, I’ll put on my earphones and listen to meditative music. It has to be calm, quiet, music. No words or it will jar me from the words I’m writing. However, as a caveat, if I want to write something incredibly humorous, I tend to find myself humming something from Dr. Demento.

What is one thing you wish your readers could understand about the writing process?

That it takes time and a lot of creativity to do it. So many fans think we can just whip a book out in a manner of weeks. True, we could, but the fact is it won’t be good. To put out a really spectacular book should take about a year. It has to be written, which can take weeks or months, then sat aside until it is basically forgotten. Then pulled out to look at with a fresh eye, re-write, and start the editing process. After the first edit or two, then it’s good to get others opinions and that’s where beta readers come in. AT that point, the submission process to a publisher begins – which can take days, weeks, months or years to get a contract.

Then, once the contract negotiations are over and the manuscript is in the hands of the publisher, to put out a polished book can take months. It has to be edited by in-house editors, the cover has to be designed, a marketing plan has to be conceived and worked out.

This takes a lot of money and time. Don’t let the newer ePublishers fool you. It should never happen that fast if done well. And it should never be cheap.

If your characters could come to life and be a real human, which one do you think you would get along with best and which one would drive you crazy first?

Oh, that’s a difficult question. I love my characters. I think I would get along with Jonathon from the Corbin’s Bend series the best. As to who would drive me crazy at first? Brian from my All They Ever Needed series. Homophobic, closed-minded jerk.

When did you start writing and what was your inspiration?

I’ve been writing since I could write. I still have one of my first stories written when I was like five years old about a martian – I even have little drawings I made in the corner of the martian.

Is there a genre or type of book that you love to read but could never write and if so why?

No – If I love to read it, I can write it. I can even write about stuff I would never read. The only books I could never write are straight-up horror and mysteries. Horror because it gives me nightmares and as an author, getting in that deep the nightmares would be horrific. Mysteries because they drive me nuts. I’m usually good at figuring out a storyline pretty quickly. All the misleading clues they hand in mysteries drive me nuts LOL I always end up skipping to the end.

Since you've been writing how much has the genre changed? Good, bad?

The genre I have been writing in for three years – erotic romance – has unfortunately changed. For the worse. This year, I have re-branded myself as a Romance author because what I write concentrates on the characters, the plot, and the romance, not the sex. Unfortunately, the genre has become more about erotica than erotic romance. It’s like the authors write a bunch of sex scenes and then try to come up with a story to tie them together. The other genre I have focused on has been spanking. Unfortunately, that genre, instead of being about spanking or DD, has become more about ‘how many ways can you punish and humiliate someone anally’ and I think that’s just sad. But, that’s how the spanking genre is now, so I am not calling myself a spanking or domestic discipline author either.

Seeing more and more authors going the "self-pub' route. Thoughts?

I started out self-pub. It’s difficult – not so much getting published that way, but everything from the cost of editing, cover creation, and the amount of marketing to truly be a success? Yes, you get more money for each book sold from self-pubbing, and you have more control – which with some of the publishers is needed – but you have to weigh what you can afford and what you are willing to do to make your books a success. Selling 10 books where you get 70% of the sale, or Selling 1000 books where you get 7-40% of the sale.

How much thought do you as an author put into your cover, cover models etc. And has that changed since you started writing. If so, have you or will you go back and re-do covers you’re no longer pleased with?

Too many authors try to control their cover creation. And that is almost always bad. The author looks at the cover from the author point of view and what they think is important – instead of from a marketing point of view and what will catch the eye of the reader. If I feel the publisher goes about cover design from a marketing standpoint, I would prefer to give them the blurb and descriptions, and let them figure out the cover – and in two of my publishers that has worked out fantastically! In another publisher, I’ve learned to be a little more strict in what I say, but I don’t look for cover models. I feel the cover designer, who had best be an artist, should have a vision. And I want to see that vision come to life. IF their vision doesn’t work, then I’ll give them several suggestions as to who looks like my character.

What is the most intense scene you have ever written? Did you find it difficult writing that scene?

Ummm, I wrote a story once where it was a tragedy. The chapter where the leading lady died had me in tears. I had to take breaks as I wrote it because I just wept along with her boyfriend and family. Emotional scenes are the most intense for me. And I ride them out along with my characters.

If you could write in any genre that you've never tried, what would it be and why?

Hmm. I’m actually writing one now that is different for me. Suspense. And it’s because my characters are leading the way. It scares the living daylights out of me because I don’t really have a lot of faith in my ability to do a good suspense novel. No matter how much I have these two characters running from just about everything. When the one character ran over to find his partner had been shot and nobody knew if he was alive? I was shuddering along with him.

When thinking about writing any specific genre, what triggers your fears and insecurities the most?

Seeing how my work differs so much from what is out there. I keep wondering how I will find my niche when the genres and groups I write in write so differently than I do and these authors get tons of 5-star reviews and sales. When did writing stop being about the story? Too many books these days are all about the sex – many times badly written sex or sex I’ve read before – and not enough to make me really want to read it.

When writing, what comes first? The characters or the plot?

I’m a pantser, so how my writing process goes is this. I sit down, either pick up a pen or put my fingers to the keys and start. Instantly the story pours out. I usually don’t know what’s going to happen in advance of when it does. Most of the time, I claim I am the first reader of my stories because they go directly from the either to my fingertips. The first time they settle in my head is when I see them appear on the page.

Do you find that you write what you love to read? Or a different genre?

Basically I do write what I love to read. But I love many different kind of books – which is why I have multiple pseudonyms and multiple genres. Each one fits a part of me.

Do you ever write your own personal fantasies into your books?

LOL In every book I’ve written, at least one character does something I, myself, have done. As for fantasies? Yep. All the time –whether that be in a sensual nature, or in visiting different worlds. I am a major part of my books.

That said, I do also like to stretch my writing styles at times and will write about something I despise or makes me uncomfortable just to see if I can do it and make it believable.

How much if any of your story line comes from real life people or events

In most of my novels, there will be at least one scene that is based on something I’ve done. Not so much for my shorter books. Though in those, I usually have a character whose personality is somewhat based on me.

How many times do you read what you wrote and think "where the hell did that come from?!"

LOL Quite often. In my book Bane of My Existence, Master Bane has a lactation fetish. It drives me nuts every time I write him because it’s a real strong fetish for him and it’s not one of mine.

Do you have to look at the keys when you type?

Most of the time no. The more tired I get, the more likely my fingers are likely to slip to one side or the other – and when that happens, I close down the computer for the night.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

About the same amount of peppers as Peter Piper picked.

What are you two favorite 80’s movies?

Oy! Only two? That’s tough. I loved Indiana Jones – the first one. And E.T. was absolutely fantastic.

Why are man-hole covers round?

I cheated and looked up the answer to this one.

A round manhole cover cannot fall through its circular opening, whereas a square manhole cover could fall in if it were inserted diagonally in the hole. Circular covers don't need to be rotated or precisely aligned when placing them on the opening. A round manhole cover is easily moved and rolled.


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The Markham Library series is about a private library belonging to the Markham family. Within this library the heroine or hero of each novella/novel finds her or himself thrust into the storyline of one of the novels it contains.
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