25 March 2015

Club de Fleurs Spotlight!!

Alan Rainer and Theresa Gomez were just friends until Theresa's step-brother decided to take her house - the house her mother had left her. Theresa's life had been filled with loss. Her father passed when she was five, and she had lost her mother when she was in her early twenties to cancer. Would she lose her house and Alan too? When Alan first saw Theresa at Club de Fleurs, he was instantly attracted to her. She was friendly with him, but would never allow anything more. He spends hours talking with her at the club, and finally one night convinces her to have a drink with him. That same night after trouble with her step-brother, Theresa has no choice but to call on Alan for help. Will he come to her rescue and be her knight in shining armor? Alan wants Theresa badly, but will she ever be his?
The one thing that I enjoyed most about this book was the drama.  There was so much of it, and really it’s what kept me turning the pages and wanting to read more.  I just had to find out what was going on and how everything would end.
While I’m not usually a fan of the May-December relationships, I did feel as though Ms. Nickol did a great job with it in this story.  Even though Theresa was younger than Alan, she had a sense of maturity about her that made the age gap not seem so big.
I did enjoy the story between the two of these characters, and I do plan on reading more into the series.
Rachel Greene loved playing at the club and playing with Craig Micheals. One night changed all that. Several months later, after intense therapy and with Craig's help, Rachel was ready. Ready for more. With Craig's support she was ready to take back her life. Craig had been great while she was recovering and had taken much of her life over. Now he was ready to take more from her and she was ready to give it. Craig wanted Rachel and he wanted her bad. Rachel was willing, but scared of her reactions. Would she be able to play in the club again, how would she react? When the men who had attached her came back for revenge, could Rachel protect the man she loved, and even more important, could he protect her from herself?
This book was one that I was waiting for after having read the other books in the series mainly because I just had to find out if Rachel was able to find her happily ever after after everything that happened to her.
I was very happy to find out that she was happy and that things were going good for her, so I give big props to Ms. Nickol for that.  I thought that she did a great job with Rachel’s character, as well as Craig.  It was so easy to tell there was the connection between the two of them, and it was fun to watch as they went from the friends to lovers.
I loved the strength that Rachel had throughout the book as well.  She was able to overcome her fear and get back to how she truly felt towards Craig.  
The main thing that I didn't enjoy about this book though was how it wasn't until the end of the story that you really find out anything about Tina's character, (Rachel's therapist).  Since she had such a big role in Rachel's recovery, and was mentioned quite a few times before the end, when we got towards the end of the story it really shocked me that that's when Ms. Nickol decided to describe her and give details about her.
Overall, I am happy to say that I enjoyed the story between Craig and Rachel, and I can’t wait to read more into the series.
Tina Springs was introduced to lawyer Kevin Hoffman by her close friend and former patient Rachel Green Micheals. She soon fell in love with Kevin and his twin brother, Kurt Hoffman. She was in trouble, big trouble. How was she ever going to choose between them? They were both tall and very handsome and very attentive to her. It all started out as fun and they had spent many evenings going to dinner and other activities. But when Club de Fleurs offered submissive classes and Kurt and Kevin volunteered to be her Doms for the duration of the class, she knew she was in trouble. What woman in her right mind would take on two men? Then the mysterious packages started arriving at her house and strange things started happening. Would her world ever be the same?
I really didn’t enjoy this book as much as I had hoped that I would.  I do think that part of that reason could be because I started reading it right after reading Club De Fleurs 4: Rachel and I didn’t have a break. 
Now, the reason why I say that is because it felt almost as though I was reading the story over again.  With the obvious exception of this story being a ménage, instead of just a 2 person couple.  The drama that kept me interested in the previous books, just left me more annoyed in this book.
With saying that though, I will say that I did enjoy watching the relationship form between Tina and her twins.  I thought the classes that Tina had to take part in was a really good touch, because it did add more to the sexual tension than anything.
Overall, while I did feel disappointed with this book, I will still be looking into the other books in the series in the future.


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