07 March 2015

In Love With A Warrior (Gunn Guardsmen #4) by Kara Griffin

 Besotted by the Princess

James Gunn knew his heart would forever be hers when she bested him in combat. Never had he met a formidable foe such as Emlyn. Mayhap it was the way her body felt above his when she pinned him and he had no choice to submit to her …

A love coveted but forbidden

Princess Emlyn would allow no man to victor over her on the field, especially the arrogant, sexy highlander. It would do well for him to know she wouldn’t fall at his feet and worship him. Aye, he was God-like in his appearance, strong, capable, and a protector: all the things she said she didn’t want in a man.

All it took was one kiss

Neither could deny their attraction. When Emlyn is betrothed to her clan’s enemy to save her people from being besieged, she beseeches James for help. The only way she can escape her ill-fated destiny and have the man of her dreams is to wage war and triumph. Not so easy a feat for a warrior such as her.
In Love With A Warrior combines a bit of history, romance, and action into an intriguing plotline involving a Warrior Princess named Emlyn and a Highlander Guardsman named James. It’s the fourth book in the Gunn Guardsmen Series. Confession: I haven’t read the previous books in the series. However, I didn’t find that a problem while reading this book.

James Gunn is a sweet, intelligent and sexy Highlander who takes his position as a Guardsman seriously but when he meets the tough and beautiful Emlyn he’s caught between duty and his desire for the unconventional princess. When his leader informs him that he has to help Emlyn escape an arranged marriage to her enemy James is more than willing to help and protect the princess. There were some heart stopping and sweet moments when it came to the romance between James and Emlyn. The two were instantly attracted to one another but it took time building up the deep emotional connection.

When I read the prologue I was thrilled to read that the heroine of the story was a warrior princess and I was ready for a character that fit into the legends and lure of the Welsh Warrior Princesses of old. In my mind I had visions of someone with the attributes and warrior soul of Gwenllian Ferch Gruffyd. Initially Emlyn was depicted as someone with the same spirit of Gwenllian but as the storyline moved on I was a bit disappointed with Emlyn. I felt she went from tough warrior with a mind of her own to that of a woman who gave up on her dreams because of the council of the men in her life who thought having a woman in battle was unacceptable and unrealistic. I really wanted Emlyn to show them how wrong they were. I wanted her to become as fierce as Gwenllian Ferch. I was glad at the end she was able to become a trainer for the young soldiers but I wished there would have been at least one opportunity or scene for her to fully display her skills on the battlefield and to truly live up to the Warrior Princess title.

I appreciated the geographical descriptions of Wales and Scotland. Having been to Wales several times myself I felt the imagery was spot on and well written. I enjoyed the brotherhood, friendship, and interactions between the Guardsmen of the Gunn Clan. The adoration between the men was heartwarming and the friendly quips were funny. Overall, the book was a good fast paced read with some interesting history injected into a compelling storyline.


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