27 March 2015

Ryker's Aquamate (MYSTIC #1) by Cree Storm

 A meteor attack has changed the world as we know it. Most of the people that survived now have special powers. However, as with all people, some are good and some are evil. There is a group of men that were brought together by the World Council called MYSTIC, a group of men with multiple powers. They are only brought in on to deal with Nefariouses. These are men with powers used for their own evil, twisted purpose.

Ryker Spalding is a MYSTIC agent. He is six feet three inches and can control metal, speak any language, and decode any message while levitating in the air. Quinn Sanders can breathe underwater while he talks to underwater mammals. He lead a quiet life until the day a sadistic serial killer set his sights on him. Now he can only hope that his new found mate, Ryker, can keep him safe without one or both of them getting killed.
In an effort to be honest right from the start, I have read other books by Ms. Storm in the past, and I didn’t really enjoy them that much.  But, when the opportunity came up to review the first book in her new series, I quickly took it.
And I can say that I did actually end up enjoying this book quite a bit more than I thought that I would.  The storyline was very interesting, and it really did keep my attention and left me wanting for more.  I thought that the characters were really great as well.  I really enjoyed Quinn’s character, and there were some points in the book that I was so upset with the other characters and how they treated him, that it made me want to throw my kindle!
I will say that I am really interested in this series and I can’t wait to read more into it.  I am really surprised at how much I enjoyed the story and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a different kind of story.


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