13 March 2015

Secret Relations (Women in Hollywood) by Shelia M. Goss

Charlotte Richards didn’t get to be one of Hollywood’s top talent managers by dating her clients. When it comes to her career, her heart is not part of the contract—no matter how enticing the star.
From the moment she steps into Sean Maxwell’s fabulous home, though, the cool, professional persona she’s worked so hard to build threatens to melt in desire hotter than Sean’s sexy R&B lyrics.
Sean’s attraction to Charlotte is nothing new, at least not to him. He fell for her the moment he spotted her at a celebrity gala years ago. Now, with his old manager kicked to the curb, it’s the perfect time to bring her into his life.
The sparks between them blow Sean’s plan to take things slow right off the charts. And his determination to win her runs into overtime when the ghosts of his past threaten to destroy their one chance at love.
Warning: Contains a reformed playboy determined to do things right this time, and a career woman equally determined to keep her eyes off his sexy-as-sin body. Oh well, their intentions were honorable…
Holy hotness, Batman!  This was a very hot book.
Charlotte is one of the top talent managers in Hollywood, and she didn’t get to the top by being literally on top of her clients.  She doesn’t date her clients, and she doesn’t give her heart over to anyone.  But, as soon as she meets R&B singer Sean Maxwell, she feels her control slipping.  The chemistry between them is explosive, but for Sean it’s not new.  He noticed her at a party year before and now that he’s in the market for a new manager, he sees his chance to bring Charlotte into his world as more than just his manager.  Can they make love work when she’s resistant and he has a past that could threaten their future?
Well…wowza.  The plot of this story is fun and easy to read but what really sealed the deal for me is the chemistry and sexy time between the characters.  I mean, this is what a reader wants in an erotic romance story.  Build up, chemistry, romance and a very hot man with a killer body and voice.  It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.  And fantasies.
I thought that this story was told well and it had all the elements of a good overall story.  The characters were solid and even though the plot wasn’t entirely original, it wasn’t tired.  I was interested in where it was going and how they were going to get to the happily ever after.
Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it.  4 stars.


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