21 March 2015

Sext Based Adventures by Francis Gideon

 Chris thought he was done with his gaming days. He'd deleted his account, gone back to his day job, and put his fantasy world days behind him… but couldn't resist the urge to return. This time, however, he decided to play as a woman—a persona he maintains even when he makes friends with Jessica.

When Jessica offers online sex, Chris still cannot bring himself to confess his secret. As their relationship turns serious, still he cannot admit to the ruse. Then Jessica proposes they meet offline, and Chris is finally forced to confront the questions and choices he's been avoiding…
This short story was cute and hot. I was curious to see if the story went the way I thought it would from reading the blurb. Yup – it did (falls into spoiler territory if I say why, even if it’s pretty guessable). That’s not a bad thing and as a bonus, I got one of my favorite fetishes – a hot guy in women’s underwear. At that point, everything went fuzzy and I didn’t care about plot points or anything else – I was just enjoying the visuals in my head.

If you read the blurb, it clearly states that gaming is in the story, and it is a major part of the plot in terms of the ‘geek speak’. I’m not a huge fan of that, and I guess I wasn’t expecting all the World of Warcraft stuff. That’s probably my fault for not taking the blurb more seriously, but I was looking for more of the ‘Catfish’ element. If WOW isn’t your most favorite thing ever, your main reason for reading this better be a hot guy in women’s underwear. Just sayin’.

There were some clunky moments and a few actions by the characters I didn’t entirely buy, but did I mention there was a hot guy in women’s underwear? Oh, right. Overall, it was a sweet story with a little tension when Chris decides to go through with meeting ‘Jessica’. Their final hookup was what I’d hoped it would be and I thought they were a cute couple. I wouldn’t mind reading more about these characters in the future, but with less gaming and more underwear. Chris could delete his gaming account again and they could open up a lingerie boutique together. I would totally buy that book.

I give Sext Based Adventures 4 Stars.


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