05 March 2015

#Throwback: Half-Blood Princess

 Searching for some independence from her family, the half blood daughter of the original vampire finds herself in the sleepy town of Maldera Springs where love and friendships lie within her reach. Follow Sophia and her friends in this journey of action, love, loss and betrayal as the group fights for the things that truly matter… one another

Magen loves creating worlds for her readers to get lost in and characters to fall in love with. She enjoys reading and spending as much of her free time with her husband, family and friends Originally from Sonoma County, California she now lives in the beautiful state of Idaho and loves everything about it, the summers when she can go camping, to the farmers markets and enjoy time with her family and friends. She especially loves the winters finding them to be magical when they blanket the mountains and trees with snow. Believing life is what you make of it she follows her dreams where the worlds she writes in come to life.


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