29 April 2015

Night's Blaze Part 1 & 2 by Donna Grant

 Did she have any idea how he fought not to go to her? How it went against everything he was not to take her and make her his?

Rhys is a king who walks in darkness. However, an innocent kiss from one woman slayed him as nothing in his very, very long life had ever done. It physically hurt for him to tear his lips away from hers—and to turn his back on her for eternity. But can a Dark King ever forget the pleasure, the cost, of true passion? One woman is about to put him to the ultimate test…
Night’s Blaze is a novella divided into four separate parts. Each part is a quick read that continues the story of the Dragon King Rhys and the woman that calls to his heart, Lily. The first part of the novella is a slow build that sets up the premise of the story and introduces the main characters. From the opening of the story we learn that Rhys and Lily have been eyeing one another for some time but neither has made the leap to take their feelings beyond the one kiss they shared weeks ago.

Rhys left Dreagon right after that kiss in a desperate attempt to stave his desire for Lily but even distance can’t keep him from thinking about her and only her. Deep down he knows she’s the one for him but after losing his dragon shifting ability to dark magic he questions his ability to protect her from his enemies and he’s not sure she’ll accept the world he lives in. Lily feels drawn to Rhys and every time he’s near her she feels an overwhelming sense of peace, heat and desire. He’s a dream come true but she can’t imagine why a man like him would want to be with her. She’s nothing like the women she usually sees him with. Plus, she’s busy trying to hide her past, a past that has her questioning her sanity.

Most of the characters in this novella are from previous storylines from some of Donna Grant’s other series but even if you haven’t read any of the previous books by Donna Grant, don’t worry. Night Blaze is a great place to test the waters. The premise of the storyline is easy to grasp. The story is fleshed out enough in the first part that it allows the reader to easily follow along. Part one ends on an exciting note with the Dragon Kings enemies coming together with a plan to take down Dreagan, one of the Dragon Kings allies has been taken and something mysterious is going on with Rhi a Light Fae who’s a friend to the dragons but is hiding some mysterious secrets of her own.

Night Blaze
is a well-written storyline set in contemporary Scotland with tons of action, romance, intrigue and steamy scenes that will keep any fan of paranormal romance entertained. 

 He was virile, persuasive, and masculine. His rugged good looks turned heads, but in a suit, he looked dashing and powerful. A combination no woman could ignore. And he was sitting next to her. Lily wanted to run her fingers through his long, dark brown waves and pull his head down for a kiss. And if he didn’t quit looking at her as if he wanted to take her right there, she just might.
Lily Ross is taking the first step in building a new life for herself. Still reeling from a relationship that nearly broke her spirit, Lily is wary of her attraction to brawny, brooding Rhys. The passion burning so brightly between them is a potent temptation, but any entanglement is destined to end in disaster. Yet when a spectre from Lily’s past threatens their growing bond, Rhys is forced to choose with his heart, or lose this woman who has become his one chance at salvation...
Rhys and Lily are finally delving into their mutual desire for one another and things are getting HOT but the two are still holding back their true feelings. Rhys doesn’t want to scare Lily off by admitting just how deeply he feels for her. He doesn’t want to use the word love with her yet and have her run away. He wouldn’t be able to handle the rejection and he’s also playing denial when it comes to admitting to himself that she’s obviously his mate. Just say it Rhys, MATE! 

Lily’s past has now come back full swing with her abusive ex popping back into her life forcing her to choose between betraying the man she’s falling for and her new friends or protecting the family she hasn’t seen in four years. Things are getting even more complicated with the Dragon Kings and their enemies as it’s revealed that Ulrick has been planning out his revenge on Con for thousands of years.  You have to give Ulrick a bit of recognition for having the patience and commitment to spend thousands of years planning out his revenge. I can barely stand waiting in line for an hour at the DMV but with that being said there’s something off with Ulrick and I’m not so sure he’s the one behind the attacks upon the Dragon Kings and their mates.

Part 2 of the Night Blaze novella starts off immediately where Part 1 ends and it’s full of intensity. The scenes between Rhys and Lily are heartfelt and steamy but I have to say Rhi and Henry’s interactions really peaked my interest. What is going on between that fashionable Fae and the brave human spy? Has Rhi found the one that can repair her broken heart and keep her from going to the dark side? I hope so!


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