23 April 2015

#Throwback: A Little Bit Rock & Roll

 Kyle thought he had it all. That was until his band's tour bus becomes stranded in Wyoming during an epic snowstorm. When rancher Colt Billings offers assistance, everything Kyle thought he knew is tested and he is forced to face emotions and truths that he has managed to hide most his life.

The last thing Colt needs is an attraction to a young rock star, but ever since he opened his home to the band to wait out the storm, Kyle consumes his mind. Keeping his distance from the long-haired singer is just not an option.

When their two worlds clash, they must work through their feeling as their passion grows, and secrets threaten to end it all. Just when things look like they might work out, tragedy strikes, adding new insecurities and issues the two must overcome, making them wonder if love really is enough.
"Tell me I'm not wrong." Colt's voice lowered to almost a whisper. "Tell me the reason you don't go out with women after your shows is because you don't like women."

Kyle froze, unable to tear his gaze away as Colt's fingers linked with his and he pulled their joined hands up between them and pressed them to his chest. He could feel the beat of Colt's heart through his jacket and his own pounded so hard that he thought it might force its way right out of his chest. He didn't want to pull away, but he never admitted to anyone other than Carl that he was gay. To actually say the words scared him.

"Kyle?" Colt brought their joined hands higher, kissing Kyle's knuckles. "Tell me you want this too."

Kyle couldn't speak so he nodded. He wanted this, wanted it worse than he could remember wanting anything. His blood raged through his veins as he watched Colt turn his hand and kiss his palm before pulling him closer. Feeling their chests brush against each other, Kyle gasped. Colt smiled, dipped his head, and captured Kyle's mouth softly with his own.

Kyle didn't mean to moan, but the soft sound that rumbled through his chest sure sounded like one. Colt's lips moved over his as his body ignited. His free arm came up wrapping around Colt as he felt Colt's do the same to him.

Colt's lips were soft yet firm as they moved over Kyle's for a moment, then opened, gently sucking Kyle's bottom lip between them and releasing, before doing the same to his top lip. Another moan and he parted his own lips, allowing Colt to deepen the kiss as he felt Colt's tongue lick over his lips and slide inside his mouth.

Kyle followed his lead, his own tongue meeting Colt's as their mouth's meshed together harder and the kiss became more demanding. He felt Colt's arm tighten around him and pull them closer until their thighs brushed over each other. Kyle couldn't stop himself from leaning into the embrace and another moan escaped him as he felt both of their aroused bodies brush fully against each other. His cock pulsed, feeling Colt's against it, and he wondered what it would feel like to feel it without the clothes between them.

Emma Marie Leya aka E.M. Leya lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her daughter, two dogs, and a cat. When she isn't writing, she is an avid swimmer with a passion for the mountains. She's often found playing outdoors. She currently as over forty books out in several genres and is busy working on the next.

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