07 April 2015

Thunder Running (Homefront) by Rebecca Crowley

Military life may have subdued the wild child in Staff Sergeant Chance McKinley, but when he’s home on R&R, all bets are very much on at Kansas City’s casinos.
He’s barely back from Afghanistan before he volunteers to return—right about the time he’s reminded he won something more than money on the roulette wheel the last time he was Stateside. A wife.
Bartender Tara Lambert could have gotten an annulment right after she and Chance wove their tipsy way down the aisle, but she’s never been one to let a man off the hook. Even if he disappeared right after their nuptials.
When Tara finally tracks Chance down, he’s as irresistible as ever—and on the verge of leaving for another deployment. Their individual fires collide to burn bright and hot, but when it comes to changing the blazing paths of their lives, which will sound loudest in Chance’s ears? The call to battle, or the voice of the woman he loves?
Warning: Contains a beer-soaked marriage certificate, two people who barely remember signing it, and proof that what happens in a casino shouldn’t have to stay there.
Chance is a soldier.  He’s a bit wild, and once upon a time on R&R he drunkenly got himself a wife.  He took off right after he realized what had happened, and now that he’s back from Afghanistan his wife Tara tracks him down.  No way is she going to let this guy off the hook for taking off on her.  The problem is, when they get together they are reminded why they so impulsively got married in the first place, because together they are fiery!

When I read these kinds of books I can’t help but think if it’s really legal to get married when you’re this drunk?  I mean, surely, someone would intervene before the marriage license could be signed, huh?  Anyway, putting that aside I did enjoy this book.  I found the characters to be interesting, and Tara’s motivation for finding Chance pretty fascinating too.  She is definitely her own woman, and liked the strength and fire she exuded.  Chance, too, is a very hot and determined man.  I found their interactions to be *ahem* stimulating.

This was a pretty well written book too, even if the plot itself wasn’t entirely original.  I mean, I have read enough romance novels to know there are basic plot points that are found in nearly every one.  It takes a lot to surprise me, and this book didn’t do that.  But, it was a fun read that will be fun for you to curl up on a couch and read for an afternoon.  You can’t go wrong with hot military men!  4 stars!


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