07 April 2013

The Long Con, By Lori Toland

**This book contains M/M romance**

        After finding out that a priceless family heirloom, a jeweled egg, was stolen Nathaniel did the one thing he knew that he could do.  Using his government job, he searched high and low to find the thief’s.  Exhausting all the leads in the UK, it seemed that fate was on his side when the egg turned up on the US black market.  Taking a leave from his job, he crosses the ocean in hopes of finding the egg, by any means necessary.
        What could have ended up horribly, helped give him an easy access to the egg in the long run.  Finding out that the people who were in possession of the egg were in fact con men, he was then brought into the con because they believed he was a male hooker.  Acting as a hooker gives him the chance to get close to the buyer of the egg, but he wasn’t prepared for what would happen when he did finally meet him.  Pictures didn’t do Tony any justice because when Nathaniel sees him, feelings and instincts come to the surface that he didn’t realize that he had.
        Overall I have to say that I completely enjoyed reading this book.  The chemistry between Nathaniel and Tony was off the charts amazing.  I really enjoyed the way the author was able to draw you into the story with her descriptions of the events that were going on throughout the book.  The character development was also amazingly well done, to where I felt like I could completely picture them in my mind.
With the different twists and turns that the author included in this book, it kept me on my toes!  After thinking that I had it figured out, I was proven wrong and it kept me wanting more.  I was completely satisfied with this book overall and I will try out some of her other books as well!
This book is currently $5.80 US Dollars on Amazon.

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