23 May 2013

A Little One on One Time with Mistress Red!

So I have to say, after finding one of Red's books on the free list and checking her books out, I just fell in love with her Brie series!  And what was even more awesome is how Red would hold her "chat" nights with her fans!
Talking with Red gave you an insight into her books, and I do have to say WOW this woman is amazing!
Here is some questions that I had for her!

A little one on one time with Mistress Red

How did you get the idea to write the Brie series?

Even as a young woman, I’ve been intrigued by Geishas and the fact they were taught the art of how to please men. I also love the rigors of college. I thought, How awesome would it be to learn to be a submissive in that environment? Only the best trainers of the different arts giving you a variety of experiences and then critiquing you so you can improve. A submissive’s dream…

Is it true that Brie was going to be a standalone, but you listened to your fans?

Absolutely! Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training was going to be just that, a simple short story. But so many people loved Brie and wanted to find out about her second day. So I wrote the second day thinking that would be it. However, my fans craved the third day. I thought, “Oh no, now what? There is no way I can write 36 days of Brie’s training.” I finished her first week with her warrior fantasy auction and switched to week-long training sessions.

What made you decide to publish your first book?

The desire to have people read my stories. Since I could not get a traditional publisher to invest in me, I decided to experiment with the self-publishing avenue - without any financial investment. I published Loving Amy and 100 people read it. OMG, I was in heaven! I wanted to discover what happened to the couple, so I continued their story and wrote 14 short stories that I complied into Sensual Erotica: The Erotic Love Story of Amy and Troy. That, my friends, is how history was made!

Even after the success you have had with the Brie series, is there any other genre that you have plans on writing about?

I have a pure romance (very little detailed sex) which is a fictional account of my courtship with my husband - back in the 80’s. I have currently published two of the books (Phoenix Rising & Phoenix Takes Flight) under the pen name Michelle Stevens and I plan to release the other two later this year. It is a personal journey of love, spirituality, courage and hope. 

Is there anything that you believe sets you apart from other writers?

I remain true to my muses and only write stories from my heart. When my muses stop guiding me, I will give up writing. I do not write for money, I do not write for fame. I write to tell the stories I am given. In the process I have gain incredible friends!

Do you relate to any of your characters?

I relate to most of my characters. Sure some are a more realistic representation of me personally, but most have some aspect of my personality in them. If I can’t stand behind the characters, I won’t take time to write their book.

Some writers say that when it comes to writing a story, they just give themselves over to the story.  Is that what you do in your writing?  (And by that I mean is Brie more bossy in your mind than she is on paper lol.)

I totally give myself over to the muses who speak to me. Brie is actually quite amiable, but her Doms are very demanding. Faelan and Sir are the most insistent. They will not let me stop until the story is done. Usually, when I write a series I skip to a new story in-between to keep things fresh, but not with the characters of the Submissive Training Center. It is all Brie all the way until I write The End.