28 May 2013

Falling into Lust, By Selene Chardou

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"I'm the girl you love to hate because I always get what I want...I wanted Kasper 'Kaz' Gillian, rock star god, alpha male supreme and vocalist for Scarlet Fever, one of the biggest rock and roll groups of our generation but what I got was a whole lot more. I couldn't have known we'd eventually develop feelings for one another let alone our togetherness would last more than just one night..."

This is part one of Sydney and Kaz's journey from fan-girl and rock star to something deeper and more fulfilling than either one of them could have ever imagined...

Publisher's Note: Although this is a three part trilogy, none of the novellas end with cliffhangers and each one is a journey into the lives of Syd and Kaz before, during and after the Scarlet Fever World Tour.

Due to mature content, explicit language and adult situations, this novel is recommended for those 18+.

Although this is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, all characters are over the age of twenty-one.

                This novella is a great way to ease you into the characters of the One More Night Rock and Roll Trilogy.  You get to meet the women and the band, and watch what happens on that first night on the cruise.  In this book, you spend more time getting to know Sydney and Kaz, and watch the start of their relationship build.

                In my opinion, Sydney’s character didn’t seem to grow that much throughout the course of the book.  When it came to Kaz though, you learned more about him as the book progressed.  You also get to learn more about Sydney’s friends, and find out what has been going on with them.

My complaint with this book, although we know that Sydney is a “rich” girl, it seemed as though every outfit she had on, we were informed as to the designer for that outfit.  When it came to the wines she drank, we were also told the labels.  It just seemed as though there was more emphasis put on the different designers than what was going on in the situation.

                Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.  (Oh and just as a surprise, the second book in the trilogy is a full length novel!!!)
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