22 July 2013

Along Came A Spider, By Kate Serine

Along came a spider. . .

When Trish Muffet is attacked at a grisly crime scene, the last person she expects to come to her rescue is Nicky "Little Boy" Blue. But since walking away from everything two years before, Nicky's been doling out vigilante justice as "The Spider," taking on the vicious predators of the night in hopes it'll lead him to his ultimate target--Vlad Dracula. And he needs Trish's help.

Although Nicky's renegade style goes against everything Trish stands for, she'll do what she must to bring Dracula down. With danger stalking her, Trish knows the only person she can count on is the one man who has the power to leave her breathless. There's no way she's letting this spider frighten her away. . .

Review Time:

Crystal's Review:

                Every once in a while, you find a book that you start reading, and you just can’t seem to put it down no matter what you try.  That happened to me with this book.  When I first agreed to review this book, I didn’t know that it was the third book in the series, but once I got into the story I went ahead and bought the first 2 books.  Trust me, when it comes to me buying books in a series, that means A LOT.

                Growing up, you hear about all the fairy tales that are out there.  Miss Muppet, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Boy Blue, The Sandman.  All of those characters are brought to life in this book, but in a way you would NEVER expect.  Being able to take what is considered a classic story, twist and turn it into something even better than it was before takes skill.  And that skill is something that Kate SeRine has. 

                This book shows the insane amount of imagination that Kate has, and that is completely incredible.  The characters in the story were written to an amazingly level, the situations that they were involved in were also written well.  It was almost as though you were in the story with them.  I really enjoyed how taking the different characters from the classics, even the three pigs, she was able to describe them AS HUMANS in a way that they still had the “pig like qualities” about them.

                All in all, this is a complete MUST READ and if I ever scored books over a 5 paw, this book would be one of the few that I would do that for.  Along Came A Spider will make you laugh, smile and keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for more to come.

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Releases August 1st, 2013
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