09 July 2013

Curvaceous Condemnation, By Rose Wynters

The Endurers - Immortal warriors chosen to fight the evil that stalks humanity. Major players in the upcoming Armageddon. Single and sexy as hell.

Death. Pain. Tragedy.

For Endurer Vincent Chavalerio, immortality has brought nothing but torment and misery. Cursed by a demon to forever watch the women he loves die painfully, he's determined to finally put an end to it all and his own existence as well.

Plus-sized Scarlett Hamilton is desperate to learn how to live again after the death of her fiance, Niles. She's sent to list a historic mansion in New Orleans but ends up buying it for herself. Little does she know, there is already someone living within the walls and a gateway to Hell in the backyard.

Scarlett believes him to be a ghost, but his reaction to her body comes from a red-blooded, 100% male. After being in stasis for two hundred years, he's desperate to seduce her. Scarlett soon discovers an erotic passion in the immortal's arms, but he's still determined to let her go. Will he move past his grief and indifference enough to recognize what's waiting right in front of him?

The demon that cursed him won't release Vincent, even if it means the destruction of New Orleans. One night a devastating tragedy occurs as Hell fulfills an accepted bargain, condemning the city in the process. Time has ran out. Vincent has to see the truth or he will lose Scarlett, and his own destiny, forever.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

Review Time:
                Writing a paranormal genre book that is different than others out there, is a really hard job I’m sure.  The way that Rose had wrote this book, the different characters that were brought into play were done extremely well in my opinion.

                One thing that I did enjoy about this book is that Scarlett’s character, although she is plus-sized, it is not brought up that often in the story.  You can tell that she is uncomfortable with her size, but it’s not brought up constantly throughout the whole story.  Scarlett also has the “typical woman mind” (and I’m sure I will be in trouble for saying that!)  By taking everything that Vincent says in the wrong sense.  

                Vincent, although he is older than Scarlett, obviously, he doesn’t seem to understand what the deal is with women.  Now he does have his funny moments (I have a new found appreciation for grilling), and he does have his temper tantrums.  But overall I did enjoy his character immensely.

                My one complaint with this book, is when it comes to the sex scenes, it seemed as though those parts of the story were written in a completely different style than the rest of the book.  So it was confusing to be going back and forth between the two writing styles.

                Overall I did enjoy this book, and I will keep an eye out on the other books in the series to add to my TBR list!

Teasin Time:
“That’s it, Scarlett. Just a little closer,” the voice said, seductively. “We can give you the peace you desire. Inside, you’ll find everything you ever needed, even Niles. The door is wide open. Why not come on in?”

Scarlett paused in confusion at her words, desperately trying to break free of the spell she was under. Her hand fisted on the tile, the other one nearly touching the water. Why was the voice talking about Niles? He was dead, wasn’t he?

Everything felt wrong. She was suddenly hot, and her brain felt incapable of rational thought. Reality disappeared. She fought the compulsion, knew somewhere deep inside that it was wrong, but was powerless to stop. “Heaven, help me,” she muttered, desperately grasping for anything that could save her.

The spell she was under broke. Immediately she fell backwards, landing roughly on the ground, pain exploding across the back of her head. The sun was extremely bright, as she squeezed her eyes shut.

She felt like the world had stopped for several minutes, then reanimated with a vengeance. The chirping of the birds in the trees flooded her hearing, as her senses were restored back to her. Teddy whined and yelped in the distance, frantically attempting to get her attention.

“It’s okay,” she reassured him, slowly opening her eyes. The pond and statue were in front of her, the water still and unmoving. It was once again a deserted pond, as if the last several minutes had never occurred.

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About Rose:
I'm Rose Wynters, and author of ‘The Endurers’ series. When not writing, I enjoy camping, traveling, and just having a good time in life. I love to see new places and meet new people. I also have a strong interest in the paranormal, and things that go bump in the night! As a writer, I enjoy combining love that pushes the limits with the supernatural. With my books, be prepared for almost anything! Things can get pretty wild when you're taking a trip through the pages with these immortal Endurers.

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Powerful, alpha men granted immortality to protect humanity from the evil that stalks them. Single and sexy as hell, these men have dedicated their lives to standing as a buffer between humans and demons, performing a job that nobody else can. Major players in the upcoming Armageddon. With a voracious intensity, they play hard and work even harder. Can they win their soul mates while saving the world from Hell?

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As the very world stands on the cusp of Armageddon, Shayne is determined to have this full-figured beauty at any cost. There isn’t any rule he won't break to claim Anna and keep her. Danger follows their every step as passion ignites at every turn. Is it a battle this Endurer can win?

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  The Endurers - Alpha, immortal men that have given their very lives to stand in between Hell and humanity. Major players in the upcoming Armageddon. Single and sexy as hell.

Peter Rynalt is an immortal Endurer that has dedicated his life to protecting humanity.... And enjoying only the most beautiful women. Born in 1103 in the Welsh countryside, his mortal life as Priest ended when Hell decided to crucify him. Known as the priest by some and the playboy by others, he leads an action-packed, dangerous life fighting demons and taking his pleasures where he likes. Until the night Kim runs into his arms, terrified and desperate for help after a demon attacks her.

Kim Jones is known and respected as a fun-loving, New Orleans beauty. Men want her, and women want to be her. It wasn’t always that way, though. She is haunted by her past and terrified her beauty won’t last forever. One night, fate presents her with a one-time opportunity to have the sexy Endurer that she desires. They discover an insatiable hunger that can't be satisfied, but is it enough to tantalize a playboy into something more?

Amidst the desperate and devastated streets of New Orleans, the major players continue to make their moves in a game of destiny that will affect the future of the entire world. Each day brings them one step closer to Armageddon.... And Hell keeps upping the ante. When citizens start disappearing, The Endurers work hard to find the group of demons responsible before they die.

It all comes to shattering climax when one of their own experiences a horrendous act that devastates his life and leaves him in shame. Evil knows no bounds and is determined to walk away the winner. Can Peter capture his queen in time?

 This title is currently $3.99 US Dollars on Amazon.

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