08 July 2013

Double Down, By SA Price

Shadow Demon Lady Shade Loganazzi, lamenting the loss of her most recent lover, ends up in Monaco to enter a black jack tourney and forget her troubles with men and her life in general. She knows she’s to be summoned back home to marry a man she doesn’t even like, let alone love, and is determined to go out with a bang. She didn’t count on gambling away her freedom in another manner.
Caleb Marshapoltes, Djinn and cousin to the crown, knows what he wants when he sees it, and he very much wants Shade. An enigma on the supernatural betting circuit, she’s harder to place a bet on then a winner in the 4th. But Caleb is smart, and knows that the woman that haunts his every thought is exactly the kind of woman he could end up with as a consort, something he didn’t even consider until laying eyes on Shade.

When they come face to face in the qualifiers, egos rear and lust flames as the two set to one upping each other… and in the process find out that what burns white hot between them could be meant for always, if they can figure out how to get her out of a loveless marriage.

Review Time!

Crystal's Review:

                With the different kinds of paranormals out there; demons, angels, witches, goddesses, there are plenty of books for the paranormal lovers to read.  We all have our favorite authors; the one’s that when their new books are released, we snatch up a copy right away.  One of my favorite paranormal writer’s is SA Price.  They take the paranormal and add their own twist to things.

                That is the case in their new book Double Down.  They bring a new twist on the different rules that paranormals have.  In this book we are dealing with a Shadow Demon (I’ve never heard of them before) and a Djinn.  Both of which have some very interesting qualities about them, and both of them are sorta scary in their own ways.

                Shade has that aura about her; she is used to getting what she wants no matter what.  It was great fun to see her knocked down a step or two during this book.  Caleb was just hot times a hundred.  I don’t see why Shade was so against being with him, but let me say, I’m glad that it worked out between them.

                This book has a lot of amazing sex, things that wouldn’t normally be possible, yet they are still great to fantasize about.  If you are looking for another steamy read, with that twist of the unnatural, this is the book for you.  I couldn’t put it down once I had finished reading it, and it kept me wanting more and more!

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