08 July 2013

Losing Hope, By Colleen Hoover

Hopeless was Sky’s story. Now, in Losing Hope, we finally learn the truth about Dean Holder.

Haunted by the little girl he couldn’t save from imminent danger, Holder’s life has been overshadowed by feelings of guilt and remorse. He has never stopped searching for her, believing that finding her would bring him the peace he needs to move on. However, Holder could not have anticipated that he would be faced with even greater pain the moment they reconnect.

In Losing Hope, Holder reveals the way in which the events of Sky’s youth affected him and his family, leading him to seek his own redemption in the act of saving her. But it is only in loving Sky that he can finally begin to heal himself.

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Sara's Review:

At the end of “Hopeless”, I told myself that it was ok to love Dean Holder as long as I didn’t love Dean Holder.  After reading “Losing Hope”, I’ve realized that I love Dean Holder.  Oh…why must you be fictional? 

I’m going to assume that many of you have read “Hopeless”, and if you have, I’m certain it blew you away just as it did me.  I was a bit worried that “Losing Hope” would not be as good of a read, since it’s basically the same story told from Dean’s POV.  And let’s face it, it’s a popular tactic lately to take a great and successful book, and retell it from a different POV…and it doesn’t always work.  Colleen Hoover, however, girlfriend makes it work.  *snaps fingers in zigzag*

It really is almost like a completely different story is told through Holder’s perspective.  You find about more about Les, and what happened to her and how it impacted him and his family.  You also learn what he went through as he realizes who Sky is and falls in love with her, and absorb what it was like for him when Hope disappeared. 

For me, this book is the embodiment excellent fiction.  Colleen invests you in the characters, makes them believable, and tears your heart out right along with them.  They become your friends, your objects of desire, and your heartbreak.  This is, simply put, what fiction is all about for a reader.  I laughed, I cried, I lived a whole other life while reading this book.  So for that, I thank you Colleen and I give this book what I rarely give any book I review, 5 stars.

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