10 July 2013

Guardian's Challenge, By Bronwyn Green

No good deed goes unpunished...
When Neeve returns to the kingdom of Maelgwn to help a friend, she finds herself face to face with the man she ran from nine months ago. Before she fled, she’d promised a year of service to the Guardians of the Temple, and now that she’s back, Asher, the Chancellor of Maelgwn intends to claim the remainder of that time.
For almost a year, Asher has been searching for his consort, Neeve, who vanished without a trace. He wants her back where she belongs. In his bed. And a year won’t be nearly long enough. When the pair ends up on a diplomatic mission, with another guardian accompanying, Asher finds his plan to claim her sidetracked by duty and torn by the obligation to share her with the other man for the duration of their task.

With hearts and the future at stake, Asher and Neeve must find the power to believe, trust and love one another, not just for the moment but forever. But that might be more than either is able to give.

Review Time!

Crystal's Review:

                I couldn’t WAIT to start reading this book, and once I got it, trust me I put everything aside just so I could read the story!  There are few series that when it comes to the next book I can’t wait to get my hands on.  This was one of those books!  If you haven’t read the first book, Overlord’s Chosen, you should so you can get the backstory behind this one!

                When we first meet Asher in Overlord’s Chosen, he comes off kinda mean like.  But he slowly wormed his way into my reading heart during that book.  And I was as heart-broken as he was when Neeve had left him.  Although the sex between the two of them was hot in the first book, I had hopes that there was something more going on between them.  But that was left opened.

                This book starts out 9 months after Neeve left, and we get to find out what is going on between the two of them.  With their own sorts of problems, there comes the problem of the fact that Asher is a guardian, and he can’t have a mate.  Neeve wants him and she doesn’t want to share.  During this book, we were able to learn more about both of them.  And we were lucky enough to find out Asher’s feelings towards Neeve.  

                My only complaint about this book is it was WAY TO SHORT!!!! Oh my gosh I wanted more and more and more of their story!  The ending seemed rushed in a way because I was left with one question, “How did he do it?”

                I am hoping though that there might be more to this series at some point in the future, but we will have to wait and see!!

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