11 July 2013

Vengeful Shadows, By Bronwyn Green

I’ll be watching…
Tessa Maycroft is being stalked. Unsettling notes and “gifts” addressed to her are arriving at her workplace. Worse, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s being watched, and Zander York, the guy next door, the friend she lusts after but can never have, is on the cop’s suspect list.
Think of me…
Tessa finds it hard to think of anything else—unless she’s near Zander. And she’s sure he’s not the stalker. When Zander comes to her for help with a work issue that will put them in close proximity, she’s got more to worry about than creepy notes. Zander just might get inside the shell she’s kept around herself for so long.
I’ll take yours away…
Amid mounting secrets, new fears arise as Tessa worries for their hearts and Zander’s life. One misstep and their future might end before either is willing to say goodbye.
**Publisher's Note** This is an extensively revised and re-edited version of a manuscript previously released under the title, Best Laid Plans.

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Crystal's Review:

                After reading so many books, yes I know I don’t have a life you don’t need to remind me!  One thing that I enjoy with a book is one that captures my attention right from the start.  Another thing is where I can’t figure out the ending!  You know what I’m talking about, those books that you think you have it all figured out and then BAM!! (Did you jump there?  Cause I yelled BAM when I typed it).  That is what happened with this book.

                I think I have found a new favorite author in Bronwyn; her writing style just has a way that it keeps me in the story.  With this book, the story itself was very interesting.  I just wanted to find out more of what was going to happen.  I’m a total weirdo, I won’t apologize for it, but when bad stuff starts happening to the characters, I am the type that goes “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this should happen to her next!”  (Ok I have my twisted side as well I suppose).

                This story had the right balance between romance, sexual tension and suspense.  It left me wanting to read further into it to figure out what was going to happen next.

                The characters in this book, Tessa and Zander, were done extremely well.  Even the descriptions of their looks were amazingly written.  You didn’t have to wonder about anything with them.  The secret’s that both of them were holding back, I am glad that they didn’t come into light sooner than they did.  It left you wanting to know more because all we were given was hints of what happened.  Tessa’s character showed an immense amount of strength during the whole book.  Being able to overcome all that she has, and still come out on top is great.  With Zander’s character, you could tell that he cared about Tessa, A LOT, and wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

                If you are looking for another great read, then I completely recommend this book to you!

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