25 July 2013

Shades of Shame, By Laura and Christopher Cooper

2012’s run away smoking romance of the year, SEMPER FI, continues in this riveting story written by the self proclaimed belle of the South, Laura Cooper and her devilishly sexy husband Chris. Together they bring Logan McNarry more clearly into vision in this sexy and gripping prequel SHADES OF SHAME.
We already know that Logan and Mattie are made for each other; from the moment she’d walked into the Airport that morning she’d belonged to him heart and soul. Together, they are simply smoldering hot. But was there a time when Logan’s passion melted another heart? Judging from his shyness, emotional devastation in a relationship isn’t new to him. What kind of woman could make a marine like Logan McNarry completely swear off women for so long? We back up eight years to find out!
Washington’s newest Senatorial Intern Leila Johnson has an attitude that rivals that of Lindsay Graham on Benghazi. While most college students would sell themselves for such an opportunity, Leila was handed the job on a silver platter. Of course she’d been raised since birth to be a politician; she’d been sent away from home at a young age in an effort to make her cold and calculating. She’d been educated within an inch of her life. As the Senator’s Chief of Staff, her mother would have nothing less than the best for her daughter. It never would occur to her that being with her mother may have been the best thing for Leila. You may know of Patricia Johnson; she was most recently featured in Time Magazine’s list of Top 100 Bitches in the U.S. She came in an honorable 18th.
Leila Johnson isn’t your typical intern, and if she’d been in Washington more than a week she could’ve knocked her mother right out of that 18th position. She knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. A summer internship in her mother’s office is perfect for a young woman with aspirations of climbing the political ladder. With the Senator squarely in her sights, Leila is positioned to add another notch on her bedpost as she pads her resume at the same time.
The last time she saw Logan McNarry he was a skinny, silver spooned brat. However, dinner at the Senator’s house was a bigger surprise than she ever imagined. Logan was all grown up now, and definitely not how she remembered him. He was nice, gentle, and worst of all, a hopeless romantic. None of the things that would further her career. But Logan brings out something in her that’s not familiar. With him she laughs, she makes love, and dare she think it… feels loved.
His father, on the other hand, represents all she hopes to achieve: Money, power, and status. And the fact that the Senator has no problem masterfully using his interns fits absolutely perfectly into her plans. Add in his handsome, rugged exterior that simply reeks of power, and she was panting and ready to climb any ladder he presented. David McNarry wastes no time un-wrapping his new intern and teaching her the ropes of Washington, even though he is all too aware that if Patricia catches him with her daughter he’s road kill.
This vicious Washington political story wraps itself around the McNarry family, showing just how their deceitful relationships intertwine. And in their midst, Leila struggles to overcome her own stereotypes as she steams with Senator David McNarry and melts into the arms of his son Logan. Which man should she choose? The one who fills her heart? Or the one who can put her in the White House?
***Authors Note: Shades of Shame can be read either before or after Semper Fi. A third and fourth book are in the works.***

Crystal's Review:
                If you are looking for a book that has crazy sex, a lot of drama, and even some murder, then this is the book for you.

                The sex that takes place during the course of the book is off the walls!  There are some parts where I think my eyes popped out of my head.  Yes, that is a good thing! The twists and turns of this book will also keep you on your toes.

                There were some parts that I was unsure as to what was going on at times, but I managed to catch up on what was going on within a few pages.  This book is for sure a page turner, and to me that’s another great thing.

                There is another book in the series, Semper Fi, and you can read this before or after it.  But trust me, after reading this book, I will be getting a copy of that book!

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