24 July 2013

Shadows in the Night, By MA Church

**This book contains M/M romance**

When Chip Riley's beloved granny passes away, she leaves him all her money, her land, and a house that needs some tender love and care. She never mentioned the legacy comes with a Native American shifter who intends to claim Chip as his mate.
Jason Sky has lived since buffalo roamed the land. When his totem spirit, a black cougar, saves a little girl, he doesn’t realize that generations later, her grandson will become his mate, leaving him to take on a modern man with modern ideas. But that’s the least of his problems.
Garon, another shifter with a long-held hatred for Jason, plots to kidnap Chip and lure Jason to his death. Soon Chip finds himself in an untenable position between a rock and a hard place. A leap of faith may be the only way to save himself and the man he’s learned to love.

Crystal's Review:

                I’m sure you can tell from my reviews that I do enjoy reading Male/Male books.  To me, there isn’t anything different in them than any other books that are in the same genres.  Now paranormal M/M is just great.  They combine two genres that I do enjoy reading, I won’t tell you what they are I’ll leave that to you to figure out!

                This book has both of the genres that I enjoy.  So I think I would say that I lucked out when MA Church had contacted me to do a book spotlight and then gave me a copy of her book to do a review for.  I ended up enjoying this book very much, a lot more than I had thought that I would to be honest.  The characters that were in this story were written well, they could have been better, but I was able to enjoy them the way that they were written.

                The plot line of the book on the other hand confused me a little bit.  Jason’s character seemed a little out there. It didn’t make sense to me that he had been around for so long, but hadn’t met his mate yet.  It seemed sort of cruel to me.  Also Chips’ grandmother was another character that left me wondering a lot about.  It seemed as though she would have had a bigger role in the rest of the book since she was mentioned in the beginning, but she didn’t.  I was left wondering about her and about the “visions” that the females have.

                Although with the parts of the book that I had found lacking, the story itself made up for it.  The drama that was in the book was very well done.  I think it was great the twists that were thrown into the story.  It grabbed you and left you wanting to know more and more about what was going on.  All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book because of the different characters.  I will be waiting to see what comes from MA in the future and I can’t wait for the next book in the series.
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