12 July 2013

Share You, By Rene Folsom

** Share You is an erotic romance short story for ADULTS ONLY! This novella is roughly 12,000 words and contains a hot sexual ménage à trois between a young couple and their smexy new tenant. **
If Kelli has learned one thing over the years, it would be that desires rule your life—aversion has no place if you truly want to be happy. And she was all about getting what she wanted.
It all started on a rather hot, summer day when her husband, Nick, decided they needed to rent a room out in their house in order to make ends meet. Kel knew it was the only way they could continue to afford their lovely home. Still, deep down, she'd always hated the idea—at least until Ava walked through their door.
After several grueling tenant interviews, they finally rented the room to the sexy, long-legged blonde, causing Kelli to reassess what she really wanted.

Review Time!

Crystal's Review:

                One thing that I enjoy about Rene’s erotic romance is that it’s not all about sex.  Which is funny I know because they are erotic, but there is more to the story than just that.

                In this book, we meet a couple who is happy with the way their lives are, minus the fact they have to rent out a spare bedroom.  It’s not like they had went out looking for someone to join them.  While this is a short story, it has the right amount of suspense, drama (yes there can be drama in erotic romance) and the sex is off the charts!

                I enjoyed this book because it shows that even if you have a fantasy; it COULD work out for you!  You never know until you share your ideas with your partner!

                If you are looking for a new hot read, check out this book by Rene!! 

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