12 July 2013

Blonde Ambition, By Kristi Creme

Lee had it all planned out. It was supposed to be so simple: board his yacht, tie him up, crack the safe, and take his money. No muss. No fuss. But Trent wasn’t supposed to have eyes that blue. And he wasn’t supposed to have a smile that warm. And he wasn’t supposed to talk. No, he definitely was not supposed to talk.

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Crystal's Review:

                Whenever I get a book from Kristi, I know that it is going to be a hot, and I mean STEAMY hot read.  And I wasn’t disappointed with this book at all.  There was the steamy in it, and there was some drama as well.  (Which I wasn’t expecting!)

                While this book was good on the erotic-o-meter, there were some parts that I was completely completely confused about.  It seemed like the story jumped around a lot, which I couldn’t follow at first. 

                If you are reading this book for the sex, then that shouldn’t bother you!  And if you are reading it for the sex, you are in for a treat!!!

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