21 August 2013

A Most Devilish Rogue, By Ashlyn Macnamara

Years ago, when Isabelle Mears was still a young miss too infatuated to know better, she surrendered her innocence to a dishonorable man. Though ruined and cast out from society, she has worked hard to shelter her illegitimate son, Jack. Having sworn off men in her quiet but dignified life, Isabelle is unprepared for the deep longing that rips through her when a handsome stranger rescues her rambunctious six-year-old from the pounding ocean surf.
George Upperton is a man in trouble with debts, women, and a meddling family. He is, by all accounts, the last gentleman on earth Isabelle should be drawn to. But loneliness is a hard mistress, and caution gives way to desire . . . even though Isabelle is convinced that happiness can’t be found in the arms of such a devilish rogue. Only when Jack is kidnapped does Isabelle discover the true depth of George’s devotion—and how far a good man will go to fight for the woman whose love is all that matters.

While I usually enjoy reading historical romances, this one had times that it felt lacking to me. The characters themselves were just there, in my opinion. I didn't feel like there was much that kept me wanting to turn the pages. The story itself was one that I had felt has been told before a few different times.

The one thing that I did enjoy about it was the fact that George was just George. There wasn't anything about him that stood out. But he wasn't a titled man, he was just a normal man that was around during the time of titles.

Isabelle seemed like the type that since she was scorned because of what happened to her, she was going to make everyone else pay for it. While she put everything aside, she lived for her son and doing what was best for him.

All in all, this was a pretty decent read. I would call it a rainy day read. If you like historical romances, then I would check this one out.


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