20 August 2013

Undescribable, By Shantel Tessier

Samantha Hall needs a fresh start

Broken hearted and alone in a new city, Samantha begins to build a new life for herself while working as a bartender. Focusing on her new friends and rebuilding her broken life, Samantha is content.

Until she meets him – attorney by day and a cocky, foul mouth playboy by night. All girls want Slade Long, but not one has ever been able to keep his attention for long. Having a different woman in his bed every night is how he prefers it-no emotion, no connection.

Until he meets her - an angel with the sweetest voice he has ever heard and the most enticing green eyes. Samantha makes him second guess his actions and has him wanting something he didn’t know existed. How can a man who has never been in love, be so sure? Can real love happen this fast?

Burned by her past, Samantha struggles to keep up with the overwhelming passion she feels for Slade. She knows that he will be nothing but trouble to her already fragile heart, but how long can she continue to deny the love that she feels for him?
Will Samantha let Slade prove his love is real, or will she push him away?

She thought she knew love…… He thought he never wanted love….. Together they will show each other what they can’t live without.
Ok, so I'm a bit conflicted about this book. Mostly because I read it very quickly; it totally sucked me in, but at about 65% in it a got a bit tedious. I mean, maybe I'm the wrong age group for this book, since I'm 35, but there's only so many accounts of drunken debauchery that I'm really into reading about. Dear characters: bad things happen when you drink, so you need to stop.

There, I feel better.

Now, the overall plot to the book was pretty good. Womanizing bad-boy (Slade) meets sweet girl next door type (Sam). I liked Slade, but I didn't really like Sam all that much. I mean, she's a really damaged person and at the end of the book when you find out why...it was a letdown for me. It just felt REALLY manufactured and unrealistic. And completely rushed. Some of the stuff that we come to find out later had nothing to do with the overall plot could have been left out, like the bar fights, and more time spent on the emotional resolution that should have been the cornerstone of the book. Yeah, that didn't happen. It just threw it all together in about the last 3%. I mean, I can't tell if this was a cliffhanger or not, that's how it left me. Is there going to be another book?

I will say this: the author can write. It's obvious. But this does not feel like a final draft to me. There were MANY editing mistakes that really detracted from the book overall. I’m not normally a stickler for things like that, but it really bothered me here. The flow of the story, the grammar and word usage really needs to be fixed. Fix those things, this is easily a 4 star book, maybe more.

Overall, I did like this book. As I said, even with some of the negatives, I read it fast and found it engaging. As it stands now, I give it 3 stars. If there’s a follow up, I’ll read it!


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