10 August 2013

Finding Hart, By Ella Fox

There is one person in the world that Spencer Cross can't live without and that's his wife, Delilah Hart Cross. With their baby on the way, life has never been sweeter.

Dillon Cooper finally had Dominique Hart back in his arms and he has no intention of letting her go. Happy for the first time in years, Dillon knows that things can only get better.

Not everyone is happy that these two couples are finally living their dreams, and the past is about to explode into the present.

Spencer and Dillon are about to find out just how far they will go to save the women that they love.

Faith will be tested, secrets will be revealed and lives will be changed as the entire family joins together to face the toughest challenge of all...


If you are not a fan of the Hart family, you really should start reading these books!!! If you haven't read any of the other books in this series STOP READING THIS REVIEW NOW!!! Because you should start reading them, and if you read this review then you will know what happens!

I have been a Hart Fan since the start, and I have to say this book has been another amazing addition to the series. It has everything that a girl could want; sex, drama, romance, murder, suspense. Need I say more? In this book we are following the stories of Dominique and Delilah as they are on a new chapter of their lives. We also get to find out Dillion's perspective on what had happened between him and Dominique.

I have always had a soft spot for Delilah, she has that quiet inner strength that helps keep her family together even during the hard times. In this book we watch as her strength is pushed to her limits and we find out just how much she can handle. Spencer was also able to show his “manly” side during this book. Watching as he was going through something horrible was just as horrible for me.

We are also able to catch up with everything that is going on with the rest of the Hart family. Finding out what is happening with them and how their lives have changed since the end of the last book. I enjoyed being able to find out everything without it having to overtake the story line of this book.

Once again, this is another great book by Ella Fox and I couldn't be more happy with how this book ended! I hope that we will get more from the Hart family in the future!

I should just put it out there that I am an Ella Fox fan girl. I stumbled upon the Hart Family series when the first couple were free on Amazon, and from the beginning, I was hooked. Her books are not only well written, but incredibly sexy and manage to have a plot. Winning! “Finding Hart” did not disappoint.

You have to have read “Missing Hart” for the plot of “Finding Hart” to make sense. It’s basically a continuation of Dominique and Dillon’s story, with a bit of Delilah and Spencer’s story thrown in. And from the beginning, it grabs you. There’s mystery, a bit of adventure, and bone-melting love scenes that make this book one of the best I’ve read in the contemporary romance genre in a while. Ella’s characters are so loveable, you really cheer for them to have their HEA, and become involved in their stories.

What I really noticed in this book is just how much Ella Fox has grown as a writer. The first books in the Hart Family series are good (*cough*gobythemnow*cough*), but this book sticks out from the rest because it crosses into thriller/mystery territory, not just romance. It is the best book of the series, in my humble opinion. A very exciting 4.5 stars for me!!!

And P.S. – Is Leah’s book next? Please let Leah’s book be next!


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