08 August 2013

Jaded Rein, By A.G. Chambers

"Dark Angel meets X-Men meets James Bond. Jaded Rein is a cleverly seductive, yet sophisticated, thriller set in a futuristic scene with a killer twist. A highly recommended read" - Lotus Magma.

In a world where Doppelgangers roam freely with their human counterparts a new war has begun; finding the scammers in a condition barely in its infancy.

The government can't tackle what they do not know how to handle - and that's where Jade's team comes in.Made up of DP's with different replicating abilities, Jade's team seeks to quietly dispose of what the government's made a mess of. But this time there are stakes involved.

Tasked with the contract of taking down an Intel DP cult that has taken Stratford as hostage, Jade must put aside her personal feelings and recruit Rein - the most cunning Intel on the scale - in order to get the job done.

I have read more books than I can remember, but I will say this, I do NOT remember ever reading a book that has to do with doppelgangers. When I was first approached about reviewing this book, I was unsure if I would like it. I am not a sci-fi reader. There is just somethings that don't make sense to me when it comes to that genre. Growing up though, my mom had always told me about doppelgangers, and I do honestly believe that they can exist. Just not in the way that A.G.was able to write them.

After finishing reading this book though, I am really glad that I read it. The world that A.G. created for this book was just amazingly well done. The lives of the different characters, and their abilities was something that was just amazing. All of the people in this story have their own abilities and with each of them, they are completely different from the other.

While I did enjoy the fact that A.G. was able to explain what the different doppelgangers were, and what they were capable of doing, There were also some parts of that that had bothered me, because there were sometimes where the details were way too much details that were put into the story. For instance whenever Jade used her doppelganger, we were told how she did it exactly. There was just too much at certain times.

The plot line itself, although there seemed to be a lot going on, I think it was written right for the book. I was still able to follow the story line and understand what was going on and when it was happening. There were some twists that happened during the course of the book, and while they were interesting to find out, they were also distracting somewhat from the main characters in the story.

Jade and Rein were written very well. Their personalities seemed to balance each other out during the book. Which to me is a great thing because sometimes author's don't balance the characters. That wasn't the case in this book.

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