26 August 2013

Objection Overruled, By J.K. O'Hanlon

Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Contemporary

Baltimore attorney Jackie North is finally on her own, personally and professionally. With only a few weeks until trial, she can almost taste victory. This one will be particularly sweet when she takes down the creep defrauding seniors of their savings. Then the opposing side’s last minute expert witness swap threatens to unravel Jackie’s strategy, and a loss will send her where she’s vowed never to return--the humiliation of bankruptcy she lived through as a teenager.

Brandon Marshfield is a country boy who’s become Washington DC’s most financial phenom. His high IQ, impish grin, and a devil-may-care risk tolerance charm investors and women alike. When a college fraternity brother calls in a marker, Brandon heads to Baltimore to fill in as an expert witness in a financial fraud case with hopes that once and for all, he can put his dark past behind him.

Jackie and Brandon head into a deposition, each confident of crushing the other. The wind is pulled from Brandon sails, and Jackie must recalculate her moves when they meet, however. A single night of passion they shared as strangers only a few weeks earlier left each wanting more. Pulled together by physical magnetism, torn apart by opposing loyalties, can Jackie’s and Brandon’s objections be overruled?

Winner, 2013 RWA Golden Heart for Contemporary Single Title 
With this being a Law type book, I was worried that I was going to be completely lost as to what was going on in the story. That has happened before with me, the author gets so into the story that they forget that not everyone is a lawyer! This book though had the legal things explained in aw ay that even I could follow what was going on.

There was quite a bit of drama that was happening in this book, but I think that the author had a really good balance between not having too much and not enough in certain scenes. The characters that were involved during the course of the story were written pretty good right from the start. There were some aspects of the book that it was easy to predict what was going to happen next, the only thing that caught me off guard was the way they went about proving everything.

The sex scenes that take place in this book were off the walls hot factor that's for sure. The balance between everything that takes place in this book was done extremely well. This book has enough twists and turns that it will keep you wanting to read further.

All in all this is a really good book to read and I would recommend it to friends!


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