25 August 2013

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Andi was doing just fine on her own. Sure the world had been hit with an outbreak that turned anyone infected into flesh eating zombies. Not to mention that everyone she ever loved was now dead. She was alive though, taking care of herself. She had little desire to indulge in building relationships with anyone. People just couldn't be trusted. Whether they screwed you over intentionally, or just managed to get themselves killed, no one stuck around for very long. She didn't need anyone else either. That was until Will showed up to save her.
Will, with his sparkling green eyes, lips you just wanted to taste, and insanely adorable crooked smile, wasn't letting Andi get rid of him so easily. Yet still, Andi did everything she could to push her feelings, and Will, away. The more time they spent together though, the more difficult that became. In a world where another day was not something you could count on, wasting even a single moment, could mean missing out on your only chance for happiness.

Zombies, zombies and more zombies. What wouldn't be fun when it comes to beating someone to death? Well, considering these 'someones' are already dead, it would still be fun! At least if you aren't running for your life. And that is what is happening with Andi, trying to stay alive in a world that everyone is trying to kill you.

While I usually enjoy the different books that are out there, there are not that many zombie books that I have found. This one was different that is for sure, so of course I signed up to read it! Some parts of the book I completely enjoyed, other parts though I didn't really like and skimmed over a bit. There were some parts where, as funny as this may sound, it felt like there were too many characters taking place in a scene at a certain time.

Certain scenes of the book, Andi comes off as a little brat. I'm sorry but its true, to me at least. Will's character was very strong, and I think that certain parts of the book were really pulled off because of him. Other than that the other characters in the book did pull their own 'weight' I suppose you can say and end up making the story work out.

The storyline itself was original in itself, I enjoyed how the author used the doomsday preppers actually having a reason for freaking out. I liked how detailed she was when explaining what was going on. Especially the parts where they were attacking the zombies, and what the zombies looked like. The amount of details that were used was done in the right amount for me.

Even though I have mixed feelings about this book, I will probably read the next one because I want to find out what happens next. But overall, I think that Andi's character could have used a little more work.

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L J lives on the Jersey Shore with her husband, four kids, two cats, and an inherited dog from  hell (a.k.a. the sewer gremlin).  Though writing has always been her first passion, she got a degree in psychological counseling and worked in the mental health field for awhile, which she finds very helpful in dealing with her crazy family.  She is a lover of all different types of music and books, switching between genres so wildly it sometimes makes people wonder if she has multiple personalities.  She is most likely to be found writing romance stories of all kinds (contemporary, erotic, new adult, young adult, fantasy, etc.) and has just finished writing her first book, Save Me. When she's not writing, she prefers to spend her time reading, taking photos, or spending time with her family.



"Andi," He took my chin into his hand, gently lifting it to meet his sparkling gaze. "The last thing I want to do is leave you." A tear escaped down my face and he wiped it away with his thumb, pulling me against him. I could hear his heart thump loudly in his chest and smell that familiar scent so unique to him. I wanted to stay there like that forever, forget the rest of the world. Will took a long deep breath into my hair and nudged me back to look in my eyes. "You don't want me to leave, do you?" 

"No." was all I could manage. I wanted to tell him I couldn't bear the thought of him leaving, that I didn't even want to leave the middle of this street for fear of the distance that had been between us this week would return. He leaned down closer, his breath warm against my face, his lips almost touching mine.

"Good." Will gave me one of his signature crooked smiles.


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