17 August 2013

The Crush Revisited, By Shawn Lane

** This book contains Male on Male Relations**
Genre: LGBT, Contemporary

Tim Olfander escapes his busy, hectic life in LA at his ten-year high school reunion in the city he left behind years ago, Lincoln Hill. There, at the resort the reunion has booked, his gaze falls almost instantly on the sexy, pretty guy behind the check-in counter. He chats up the guy only to learn he is the assistant manager, Brandon Collins.

Tim instantly sets in motion his plan to spend the week at the resort with Brandon's sweet body under his. He has no clue Brandon knows him from their high school days.

Back then, Brandon was a shy, closeted nerd who had a big crush on Tim, following him around at school. Now it seems fate has thrown Brandon's former crush at him in the form of the now-hotter-than-ever Tim, who also seems to have sex with Brandon on the brain. Brandon gives in to his baser needs--not to mention his old fantasies--for a week-long smoldering affair with the crush he never dreamed he'd revisit. 

There is one fear that I have, and that is going to my high school reunion. I mean seriously, why would I want to be around all those people who were complete jerks to me during school? Let's be honest, the only people who enjoy those are the ones who were the really popular ones, or even the people who have made something HUGE for themselves.

I enjoyed Brandon in this book because he is one of the guys who people ignored in schoo, unless they wanted someone to pick on. His character has some very life like qualities, the nervousness that he had when it came to seeing the people from his high school. Even though he was happy with the way his life was going now, he was still nervous about what was going to happen when he saw everyone.

Tim is the typical guy who had everything in high school, the looks and the popularity. He was so obsessed with himself he couldn't even tell that Brandon had a crush on him. So he was very real as well. Watching him get put in his place was completely worth reading this book!

I enjoyed the way that the story had played out as well. I loved how it wasn't just a typical “instant love” story. The couple went through their issues before they finally realized what it is that they both want. Overall, I loved this story and my only complaint is that it left me wanting for more!

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