21 September 2013

A Week With My Romanian Books 5 and 6, By Steffie Dawn

A Week With My Romanian
Books 5 and 6
Surprising My Master 
Book 5

In Bucharest as the fifth day of Ella’s adventure begins, the little sub is in for as many surprises as Master. Waking up alone near aggravates the submissive but gives her some time to prepare her body for him and a later lunch date sends her head first into a series of events that she wasn’t prepared for.
Master returns home from running errands to find his submissive waiting for him, he runs a scene he hasn’t planned on just because he can which in turn near makes them late for the surprise he has. We get together with Crina once again and meet one of Master’s long-time friends, his best friend and Ella’s given a little bit of freedom from Master, little does she know that it’s actually time for Master to prepare a scene that she wouldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams.

                Wow well when you think you have seen it all in this series, Steffie sure brings it on!  After reading this part of the serial, I can say completely that it has been a great joy watching Steffie grow in the series and come into her own.

                With each book that has come, she takes us on another part of the journey that Ella is taking.  She brings us along as we get to see the new things that Ella is learning and watch as she begins to understand the choices that she makes in her life.  I did enjoy that in this part, Ella was put into a situation where it could have been very uncomfortable for her, yet she was still willing to experiment.

                I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in the next part of the series!

  Trusting My Master 
Book 6
With only a couple of days left in Bucharest Ella knows that every second counts, but so does Master. Join the couple as Master finally reveals Ella’s surprise and she realises it might be something she simply cannot do and the return of Alexandru changes everything, whether it be for the better of the worst no one is sure.

For once, Master brings Ella to an equal status and drops his Dominance in order to talk to the young woman he cares for deeply but will what he says change what they are?

Usually I completely enjoy Steffie’s books; however with this one I didn’t enjoy it that much.  While the book is the normal length of the rest of the series, it felt like there was too much packed into this book for me.  It seemed to me like Steffie was trying to pack as much into this book as possible and she took it to the extreme with what she included.

I did enjoy the fact that we were able to learn more about Elle’s Master in this part though.  It was interesting to learn about his life a little bit.  I do have to say that I’m not that surprised about what his job is!  It makes sense to me completely.

This series has been a great one to follow and I can’t wait for the next book, the last of the series, to be released!

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