16 September 2013

Fool For Love, By Cassandra Gold

**This book contains Male Male Relations**

Forty-five-year-old college professor Vincent Norton expects to spend the rest of his life alone. After all, he had more than twenty years with the love of his life before losing him to an accident. Then he has a chance encounter with a young man in the hallway of his apartment building, and Vince is shocked and dismayed to find himself suddenly attracted to a man half his age.
Rob Bridges might be only 21, but he knows what he wants—and that’s his sexy older neighbor. Once he realizes he wants Vince, Rob sets his mind on catching him. Too bad Vince doesn’t seem to agree that age is just a number. Will Vince let himself be caught, or will his indecision ruin their chance at happiness?

Note: This book is a re-edited, revised version of one previously released by another publisher.

                 Oh Vince, if you were real I would so kidnap you!  There was just something with his character right off the bat that I just loved and that kept me reading more and more into the story.  Right off the bat, the one thing that I enjoyed about this story is the fact that Vince fought his attraction.  Plain and simple, he fought it.  I am starting to get to the point where the “instant love” stories just aren’t doing anything for me anymore.  I love the stories where the characters want to be together and we get to follow their journey through their thoughts.

                We have Vince, who is the older gentlemen, and Rob, the young college student, who are neighbors.  They each have feelings towards the other, but the other doesn’t know that.  So it was fun reading as they were both talking about how they felt towards the other, and them not knowing! 

                Another factor that I loved that the author added to this book is she added the “real life” things that could take place.  When she added the twists that Vince was going through, it was so real it was amazing.  The characters were described in a way that you could connect with them, even with their ages.  Everything about this story was very well written in my opinion and I would completely recommend it to my friends who enjoy this genre.


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