17 September 2013

Primal Hunger, By Magen McMinimy

Will his magic help them find how they fit together?
Can a wolf ever truly trust a vampire?

With his family firmly in control of Vampire society, Vampire Witch hybrid Andre Da’Roza has found himself in the middle of North America’s Montana faction of werewolves, with a faction leader who has little patients or need for a vampire among her wolves.

After two years of suffering over the loss of four of their warrior class wolves including their faction’s former Alpha. Savannah the newly elected Alpha has no time or trust for the vampire hybrid until she finds that his magic may be the one thing that can provide her and her pack the answers to the mystery behind the death of their pack mates.

Have humans really found them?

Andre will fight to belong and discover his place among the wolves while struggling to find common ground with the stubborn yet beautiful Alpha wolf who has no time for a vampire.

                I love books that are a part of a previous series, yet they have their own twist to things.  Know what I mean?  Ok well if you don’t then I shall tell you!  We meet Andre in the Half Blood Princess series that Magen has out already (by the way it’s a great series you should check it out!), and this book is just about him.  While you don’t have to read the Half Blood Princess series to understand what is going on in this book, it will give you a little bit more insight into the story line.

                During this book, we find out more about Andre and what is going on in his world.  He doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere because of who his parents are and what abilities he has, yet he is trying his best.  I enjoyed seeing the softer side to him in the story.  Too often these days, you have the rough and rugged man who is hard on the outside and the inside.  But that isn’t the case with Andre; he shows his sensitive side as well.

                I completely enjoyed Savannah’s character.  And I enjoyed watching as she was going through everything in the story.  It was great to see a strong woman come to realize that she can let go and feel again.  While there were some parts of her character I didn’t understand completely, I do understand some of it.  I couldn’t imagine going through what she went through, and learning how to trust again.  But it was great to watch as everything happened.

                Overall I did enjoy this book and I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out.  I don’t really enjoy cliffhangers, but with the way this one has been set up, I can’t wait to find out more.


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