11 September 2013

Resurrection Bullets, By Mark Allen

The reaper-angel soars in the shadows between life and death, an eternal force of sorrow and fury. It beholds the sins of the world and weighs them on the balances of love and loss, a savage merging of Heaven and Hell with the gift of resurrection. It drinks from the blood of broken hearts and breathes new life into veins gone cold. It has no name but Vengeance Incarnate.
On a dark day of despair, poet Alexander Cole is gunned down in a blaze of bullets as his wife and daughter are viciously slaughtered by evil hands. In the final cruel moments of his life, he watches the two people closest to his heart torn to pieces, his world shattered by three killers united in an unholy trinity of guns, guts, and greed.

But death is not always the end. Alexander's anguished cries reach beyond the gates of eternity and summon a force of righteous retribution. Vengeance knows no bounds, hatred cannot be shackled, and sometimes the grave cannot hold the terrible rage of true love wronged.

"Resurrection Bullets" is a dark, powerful novella of love and vengeance in the tradition of The Crow.

                I have read quite a few of Mark’s works in the past, but I have to say I think this is my favorite of his works.  My only complaint when it comes to Mark’s writing is how short his stories are, but on the other hand, I like how even though his stories are short he prices them accordingly!
                In this book, we meet Cole who is brought back from the dead to avenge his wife and daughter.  If you have a problem with bloody books, then you don’t want to read this book.  However if you want to follow Cole on his journey, finding the people who had destroyed his family, this is a must read for you.
                The amounts of details that are put into this story were just amazing.  You could almost see exactly what was happening with each of the characters as they met their end.
                All in all, I completely enjoyed this book and it’s a must read from me!

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