12 September 2013

Spurred On by Em Petrova

After a major injury on the rodeo circuit, Hayden takes over as foreman at the Cole Ranch. But he finds that acting on pure instinct as he did in the arena isn’t working with his boss or the ranch hands, and that getting the landowner’s daughter Zoe Beth in his bed has probably put his job on the line.

Since childhood, Zoe Beth’s sole goal is to be seen as an equal among the cowboys in her life and to manage her father’s ranch. But her daddy--and now Hayden--bosses her around. In the bedroom with the tall, muscled ex-bull rider, it’s toe-curling, but in the pastures, she’s damn well going to earn the respect she deserves.

When she takes in a neglected animal belonging to the neighbor, she is faced with a decision that will prove her guts as a rancher even while Hayden will be forced to see himself for the dominating person he’s truly become.
Holy Cowboy hotness, Batman!  Books like this make me wish I knew some real life, non-redneck cowboys.  The only men ‘round these parts that think they’re cowboys don’t know the first thing about ridin’ and ropin’ cattle, much less ridin’ and ropin’ a woman!
Hayden Meadows is a former champion bull rider (can you imagine the thighs on that man…oh yes) who had to end his bull riding career due to injury. He becomes the new foreman on Cole Ranch, much to the dismay of Zoe Beth Cole, the owner’s daughter.  She only wants to earn her father’s respect and trust, and she thinks that she can be foreman.  Suffice to say, she’s not happy about Hayden’s arrival, no matter how smokin’ hot he is.  They both try to fight their attraction for one another, but to no avail.  They’re playing a dangerous game of secret rendezvous and hidden feelings.  What will happen when they are exposed? 
This is a short book, but it packs quite the punch!  It’s incredibly hot, and in a short time you do manage to understand the characters and what drives their actions.  Not to mention, Hayden has this thing for white cotton panties (seeing them, not wearing them) that is adorable and dirty all at the same time.  I think it must be difficult to write a short story well, but this manages to cover all the bases of a good story in such a short time; you will feel satisfied in more ways than one before its end.
Also, Zoe Beth is so spunky; you can’t help but love her.  She has grown up surrounded by big, rugged men with outdated ideas of gender roles, yet she isn’t afraid to say it like it is and stick up for herself; she also manages to retain her soft side and warmth.  Her father is overbearing, but she is determined to show him that she can handle things on her own.  Not to mention, she thwarts her father’s insistence that she take up with the older rancher next door…ew.  Also Hayden, even as a man’s man, has a soft side where he sees and appreciates Zoe Beth’s spunk and her anonymity as a person who deserves respect.  He just lets his own feelings for her safety get in the way.  While that’s commendable, Zoe Beth is having none of that.
This is just a good novella.  I enjoyed the characters and plot immensely, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more about them in the future.  4.5 stars for me!

www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ET55XRC/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00ET55XRC&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20     http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/spurred-on-em-petrova/1116861217?ean=9781623004316&itm=1&usri=em+petrova     https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-spurredon-1271479-149.html?referrer=52378e08e5757


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