24 September 2013

The Shoe Tour Stop!!!

All Blair Miller has ever wanted was to study fashion in New York City. But as one door closed for her, another door opened. A bright and beautiful door that led her straight to a job at celebrity frequented, high end fashion boutique, ATTRAYANT, where she has now worked for years. When an invitation arrives for a masked ball that is being thrown to celebrate a world famous rock band’s new album, Blair finds herself being transformed into Cinderella for the night. When Blair not only falls for Prince of Rock, Hunter but also loses a precious $8,000.00 shoe, she finds herself in possibly the biggest mess of her entire life. How can she reveal who and what she really is to Prince Charming? How can she afford to replace such an expensive shoe? With the help of her two “Fairy God Fathers” who are pushing for her happily ever after…anything could happen.

I went into this book with a completely open mind, not realizing what it was about.  And then as I got further into the book, I was shocked to find out what it was about!

Now don’t get me wrong I love the fairy tales just like any other girl, but it takes a lot for me to get into stories that are twists off of the old fairy tales.  That wasn’t the case with The Shoe though, I completely enjoyed this story.  I thought it was great how the story went along, and the things that the author thought to include into her story that are like the fairy tale.

While I did enjoy the story and the characters, the big issue that I have with it was the entire product placement.  With every outfit that Blair was wearing, it was all brand name items.  That bothered me quite a bit, because it seemed to take away from the story line for me.

All in all though, I thought the story was really cute and I would recommend it to my followers.

Fall back in love with fairy tales with, Little Red, the first installment of “The Believe Series” by Trista Jaszczak.

Ride along with Sam Wentworth through the winding back roads of Louisiana, on a desperate escape from her past. Where she falls into the arms of the unlikely and sometimes unwilling hero, Ethan Parker. When circumstances and fate seal the two together, entangling them with his 6 older brothers, feuding families and old bayou magic can Ethan put aside everything he has ever known to keep Sam safe from the dangers their lives and their love poses. Can he keep her safe from himself?

Little Red, I have never enjoyed a wolf story like this before.  There was drama, suspense, humor, sexual tension, everything that a girl could want from a story.

The story was really easy to follow and it was a really fast read to me!  It was great because I was drawn into the story and wanted to find out what was going to happen next.  I enjoyed the rival pack that the author thought to draw into the story.  By doing that, it sets this book in a completely different field than the fairy tale Little Red.

The drama that does take place, some parts of it seemed unrealistic, but then again it’s just a story ;).  The characters I felt were lacking a little bit.  There seemed to be more placed on the story itself instead of the characters taking part.  Another thing I think was that there were so many characters that had important roles in the book; you lose sight of who the actual main characters are.

Overall though, I did enjoy this story and I would recommend it.

Trista Jaszczak (pronounced jazz-ick) is an Air Force wife and mother of two who is originally from Hamilton, Ohio but calls Anchorage, Alaska her home. She's published 4 novels so far and written more than 30. She has a deep passion for writing, music, her guitar, her kids and her four-legged babies. 


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