31 December 2013

Understanding My Master, By Steffie Dawn

The last day is upon them and Ella and Master are dreading the coming separation. With only a few hours left Master has some confessions to make which shocks Ella to her core and Ella has a secret or two of her own to share. A small yet significant slip of the tongue has Master reacting in the most startling manner that has Ella’s head spinning in the greatest way possible. The clock ticks down, leaving only a little time to get so much sorted, will Ella confidently leave Bucharest knowing and understanding who her Master truly is or will she leave almost as clueless as when she arrived.

Our submissive has so little time left to get everything she needs sorted, she’s had a busy week, one full of surprising twists and turns, some of which she took the greatest of pleasure in and others that has her shaking in her skin. Spending more time naked than clothed, her body has had a work out of its life but it isn’t over yet.

Knowing that he hasn’t got long left, Master has realised that if he doesn’t confess his secrets now, he never will. There is so much to say but so little time and it’s hard, harder than he ever could have foreseen. He knows that what he has to say will change Ella’s mind set, her relationships not only with him but others involved in her life. Can he really tell her everything so that she can truly understand him?

I have followed this series since the beginning and there have been ups and downs throughout it all.  Some of the books I have really really enjoyed, and others I just felt were very flat.  I personally think the hardest part of series is the last book because you have such high hopes for how you want the series to end up.  And sometimes, we aren’t lucky enough that the series ends the way that we wanted it to!
With this book though, with the ending, I was left wondering what the heck had happened.  Did the series actually end?  Because if it did then I really didn’t like the ending.  AT ALL.  But if Steffie has left it open for more to come in the future than I think that she did a really good job with it.
We get to find out the ending (possibly) of Ella’s trip to meet her Master.  I do have to say though, I am quite glad that Steffie didn’t “overdue” the last day of Ella’s trip.  I liked how it was laid back and we were able to spend some quiet time with the couple.  Despite my complaints about the way the book ended, I think this was a really good way for the series to end!
Overall though, I do think that this series is a must read for people who enjoy reading books in the BDSM genre.




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