18 February 2014

52 First Dates Spotlight!

 Now that David's heading towards his mid-30s, he's finally realised that it's time to find a husband. But with so many men and so little time, he realises he's going to have to be strategic if he's ever to find his soulmate.

Thus, 52 First Dates is formed; a challenge, a scheme, to go on a date with a new man, every week, for a year. If it pays off, he'll be in marital bliss. If it doesn't, he'll know that he's fated with being the eternal bachelor. With everything to live for, David plunges into the world of dating in search of the perfect man.

The Man Plan is a 12,000K SHORT STORY, or about 37 pages in length.

M/M Steam-level: HOT!!
David is heading, actually running, into his mid-30's and getting tired of the hook-ups and random sex and wants to settle down and find a sexy and loving husband. He feels that he will have to be very strategic in the way he handles this. So he comes up with the Man Plan, the 52 First Dates is formed. The challenge will be quite simply to have one date per week for the next 52 weeks. This should ensure that David will find that husband and if not then he will have a great and sexy year of men.

What I loved so much about this book is the way David wrote this in the first person and to know his feelings with every step of this challenge! I have to say that coming up with 52 First dates are quite genius and I really hope it is a huge success. The way the author has written the sex scenes and trust me they are hot, steamy and very sexually detailed and I found myself rereading those scenes as they were so beautifully written. We are first introduced to Rick who is his regular hook up and who also happens to be in an open relationship and is not hubby material but OMG Rick has moves! He meets Rav but things don't go so well so you start realizing that David will be going on a lot of dates in search of Mr. Right. It was fun when David was discussing his hook-up apps as he does seem to be the King of those apps and they are the basis so far for the man finding. The reader will get a glimpse in this part of the gay world, I am already familiar with it but for the average reader it will be a lot of fun. The author describes the scene in London so well that I feel that I have been there and that was a lot of fun and educational for me to be a part of the Brit life for the duration of the book.

I am so rooting for David to find that hot husband and hope he finds him and I have a feeling that David will be going on a lot of dates. This is the first book out of three so far, so make sure that you read next. Friends and Frenchmen as his 52 date challenge story continues! I highly and I mean highly recommend this book to anyone who believes in love and having great sex and of course wants to learn about the hook-up apps and the London scene!

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EBBQWL0/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00EBBQWL0&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20   http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-man-plan-algenon-lusch/1116398410?ean=2940045207232&itm=1&usri=a.+lusch     https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-themanplan52firstdates1-1268446-340.html?referrer=52378e08e5757
With David in his mid-30's, it's time to get serious about finding a husband. Too many men and not enough time, mean he's embarked on the challenge of a lifetime; to date a new man every week for a year until he finds THE ONE.

With one date out the way, and many more to come, David's realising there's a reason it's so hard to find a soulmate. And, with friends, lovers and lust getting in the way, finding a husband might be harder than he thought.

Friends and FRENCHMEN is a 12,500k SHORT STORY, or about 35 pages.

M/M Steam-Level: SIZZLING
I suggest reading book one, The Man Plan first as it gives a better understanding of the character David and the premise for the 52 First Dates!

David is now in his 30's and he feels it is time to settle down and find a husband. He has set up a challenge called the 52 First Dates where he will date at least one guy per week in hopes of finding his Mr. Right. One date is finished and he now realizes that this will be more difficult than he previously thought! His friends, past lovers and his lust for sex might be getting in the way.

David is with his bestie, Jess, in Soho when he sees the perfect guy and wonders, how do I approach him and see if he is gay and interested which involves his trusty hook-up app. I really loved his friend Jess and she is hilarious and a great friend to David and she is living vicariously through him and his sexual escapades. I really loved this second part of the series as we learn more about David, his life and his friends who help blur the lines for him. The scene with Rick sneaking up on David was so beautifully written and the sex scene that occurred was so sexually detailed and hot that I had to give it a second read over.

I really enjoyed this book as the reader gets a glimpse into David life from dating, hot sex, his hook-up app of course and his friends. This book has some nice twists and problems with his friends on the day he is to have his date with his Frenchman. So will David find the husband of his dreams? Will the Frenchman be the one or will David have to continue the 52 First Dates challenge? I highly recommend this second book Friends and Frenchmen. If you are looking for a sexy, hot, high sex drive and sexually explicit book than this is a must read for you! 
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GDHYVYK/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00GDHYVYK&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20    http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/friends-and-frenchmen-a-lusch/1117447180?ean=2940045432078     https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-friendsandfrenchmen52firstdates2-1335078-149.html?referrer=52378e08e5757

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