15 February 2014

Renegade Lady Tour Stop!

Jenna “Ice” Chandler grew up as part of a motorcycle club. She considered it her home, until one wrong move made it her prison. After months of abuse, she is rescued by Chipper, who takes her to Big Clifty, Missouri, home of the Renegade Sons MC.

Kiddrick “Kidd” Jones is the president of the Renegades. He knows there is something special about Ice the moment his older brother, Chipper, brings her into the club, but stays away, because she is too young.

When time comes for Ice to take her place in the club, she has two choices, become an old lady or a club whore. Not believing in love and knowing a man can never be faithful, she decides to earn her spot on her back.

With each passing year, Kidd's feelings for Ice grows and the urge to make her his becomes stronger. Frustrated and jealous, he finally decides it’s time to make her his.

Will Ice finally thaw out and give love a chance, or is Kidd fighting a losing battle?

WARNING: Renegade Lady contains adult situations some readers may find offensive. This is a raw and gritty story involving explicit sex, graphic language, violence and drug use. Not intended for readers under 18.

Let’s face it-- there are a lot of Motorcycle Club books out there right now.  Some are great, some are “meh” and some are terrible.  I think in order for your book to be seen above the “meh” level you have to lend it some kind of authenticity, whether that be in plot or characterization – there has to be something to set you apart from the rest.  This book, I’m happy to say, manages to do that.
This is basically the life story of Jenna, and it’s not pretty.  Saved from the clutches of a sick man at the age of 16 she finds a family with the Renegades, and harbors a secret love for Kidd, little brother of her father figure Chipper and (at the time of their meeting) VP of the Renegades MC.  Kidd finds himself attracted to the 16 year old Jenna, but fights it for obvious reason.  When she turns 18 he takes a chance to claim her, but when things go awry it ruins their chance for a future.  As they both grow older, choices are made, fate intervenes and Kidd takes a chance on the only woman who has ever owned his heart.  Is it too late?
I think one of the things that really struck me about this book was its grittiness.  It’s not an easy read.  If you are sensitive to issues of rape or abuse, this ain’t a read for you.  But, I have to say that even when covering sensitive topics, the authors do it well.  That’s all, as a reader, I can really ask.  If you’re going to cover shocking and sensitive material you have to do it justice, and they certainly do.
Jenna was a different character for me.  She’s been made strong by her life experiences, but I can’t say I really understood some of the choices she was making through the course of the book.  Rarely in these types of books do we get the point of view of the “club whore”, as they call it, and that’s what Jenna became.  It was an interesting route to take her character and I felt it really worked here.  Obviously, the life of those inside a motorcycle club has its own rules, and I think it is interesting to take a look inside of that life, fictional or not.
I will say that the only thing I disliked about the story was the misunderstanding between Kidd and Jenna.  They drug it out for 6 long years and in the end it all was cleared up with one conversation.  That was the only aspect that didn’t feel true to me, but it was easy to overlook because I enjoyed the rest of the book so much.
This book really is an exciting ride.  There’s love, there’s sex, there’s sexy alpha badass motorcycle men, there’s adventure and danger – it’s a good ride.  I really hope there are more books to this series, because I will definitely be reading them!  4 stars.


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